Welcome to China Cez!!

What have I been up to for the last 2 weeks? On 28th January 2012 Cez, the admin of this website, came to China from his epic Vietnam trip!!! WELCOME TO CHINA :-)!!! He crossed the border and went to Nanning, where he took a train to Chongqing where we both met. There were many crazy things going on but I guess Cez will explain everything in his next blog entry and upload some pictures from Vietnam as well as China. I went to Chongqing not only to pick him up from the train station but also to extend my Visa. We stayed in Chongqing for 2 days, then we went to Xiushan (Chongqing province) for 7 days. Cez was looking for a job and he got a great offer from WeiHai :-) located between Beijing and Shanghai at the seaside. OOOOOOh, I was sooooo jealous!!!!!!! Now he is on his 2-day-train journey to WeiHai. We had a great time, epic time I would say. We mixed local food and ended up throwing up all night not being able to sleep hehehehe but it was absolutely worth it! Cez liked Vietnam more than China, but the longer he stayed here, the more actually he liked this place so I guess he will love China in a few weeks! Can’t wait for the picture and a new blog entry!!!!!!

That’s me and Cez on the bus from Chongqing to Xiushan. Chilling out as always, bad asses!! Hehehehe

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