Travel Destinations in Southern Africa

From the beautiful beaches and mountain landscapes of Cape Town and the Namib Desert on the west coast to the Okavango Delta and Kalahari Desert in Botswana, Southern Africa is both beautiful and diverse.

Southern Africa

Comprising five countries on the southern tip of Africa, the landscape though mostly plateau, includes desert, semi desert and mountain landscapes. With some of the best national parks in the area and wild life that spans the Big Five and large number of plains animals, this is the place to see wildlife in its natural habitat.

Here you can cruise the Zambezi with crocodiles and hippos, watch lions hunt in the Kruger National Park, explore Namibia’s Skeleton Coast and gaze in wonder at the might and splendor of the Victoria Falls.

Countries in Southern Africa


In Botswana, visitors can experience the beauty and splendor of Africa. The country boasts some of the best game viewing on the continent, with the highest density of elephants and the largest population of African wild dogs on earth.

Watch enormous migrating herds of buffalo or zebra. See the savagery of the hunt. Find the timeless San Bushmen living as they always have in the Kalahari Desert.

Eighty percent of Botswana’s landscape is desert. It also has Savannah grasslands and several wetland habitats, including the most unique delta in the world, the Okavango Delta. It boasts the largest salt pan on earth, the remnants of a dried-up lake.


The Victoria Falls called Thundering Smoke by the locals, is shared with Zimbabwe. It is one of the most famous tourist attractions on the continent. The widest waterfall in the world is also one of the most spectacular sights on earth.


High up in the Maloti Mountains, the Kingdom of Lesotho is landlocked and totally surrounded by South Africa. Known as the Kingdom in the Sky the rolling countryside is a lovely and relatively inexpensive destination.


The rugged mountains that make up the bulk of the countryside peak at close to 3500 metres, forming magnificent backdrops to the many activities on offer. Here you can hike, fish, climb, abseil, pony trek, mountain bike, bird watch or ski.

Whilst the main roads in the country are well maintained many of the most remote areas are not on the roads and cannot be reached by vehicle.

The countryside is dotted with traditional round mud huts capped with thatch. Here the Basotho people live as they have for centuries, traveling by foot or donkey and cooking on fires. Lesotho’s charm lies in its rural and pastoral landscapes and slow pace of life.


Located on the south-west coast of Africa, Namibia is named for the world’s oldest desert, the Namib. A large portion of the country is covered by its shifting desert sands.


Here you will find some of the highest dunes on earth and in some areas, the desert reaches all the way to the Ocean.

With mountains and Savannah and a wetland that draws huge numbers of wildlife, nature has truly blessed this land with most of the glorious landscapes that are Africa’s. Add to this the magnificent Fish River Canyon, second only in scale to the Grand Canyon.

The Skeleton Coast on the northern part of the country suffers dense fog and violent storms and is now said to have one of the highest concentrations of shipwrecks anywhere on earth.

The country has several nature reserves, including the famous Etosha Pan with an impressive array of wildlife that includes some homegrown beasts such as desert lions and desert elephants. It is also home to the world’s largest Cape fur seal colony.

South Africa

South Africa is vast and beautiful, with diverse landscapes from soaring mountains to a semi-desert which blazes with color in spring when four thousand species of flowers spring to life.

South Africa

Grasslands dotted with traditional huts and swathes of forests fill the interior between two and a half thousand kilometers of coastline. Many of the beaches are unspoiled and isolated with just a scattering of beachcomber villages, and a few anglers or surfers.

South Africa has some of the best nature reserves in Africa, including the 20000 square kilometer, Kruger National Park. Colorful cultural villages of the various endemic tribes are also open to tourists.

Cape Town with its iconic Table Mountain backdrop is one of the most popular destinations in the country, receiving Telegraph Travel Awards for Best City in the World for five years.

Lush wine farms, some of the oldest in the Southern hemisphere, lie sprawled beneath the eastern slopes of the mountain.

The infrastructure in the country is good with shops, restaurants, and a vibrant nightlife in all of the major cities.


One of the last absolute monarchies in the world, landlocked Swaziland has clung to its traditions. This tiny country, the smallest in Africa. has a lot to offer, with arts and crafts and traditional markets and lifestyles on show.


Here there are several game reserves and sanctuaries. Hotels and casinos cater to tourists. There are also a number of thermal springs and the pretty countryside boasts several waterfalls.

Most Swazi people live in rural areas, and the country has an ambiance of its own. Here the people are very poor but friendly and welcoming. The hillsides are dotted with traditional round huts capped with grass.

Visit traditional villages, horse ride, raft, hike and just take life slowly in the traditional Swazi way.


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