Last updated: 5 March 2018
For the most exquisite unspoilt landscapes and some of the best underwater spectacles on earth look no further than these warm tropical islands situated In the Philippine Sea.

The water surrounding the five hundred tropical islands that make up Palau is home to more than one thousand five hundred species of fish and seven hundred different corals. This is one of the Seven Underwater Wonders of the World. These waters attract not only divers but sports fishermen as this is also home to massive game fish such as marlin and sail fish.

The interior of Guam, the largest of the islands, is covered in lush tropical forests ringed by pristine white beaches.  A territory of the United States the island also has decent infrastructure with plenty of shops and restaurants and warm, welcoming people.


Around the Marshall Islands divers explore the wrecks of aircraft carriers that sank during the Second World War, whilst the snowy white beaches of the Marianas Islands attract tourists to its many resorts, casinos and fine dining restaurants.

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