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This weekend I was exploring historical Ghent. After seeing Antwerp this year and Brussels last year, Ghent was also on my travel bucket list.

DSC07770 2

I am not only surrounded by pretty winding canal-side pathways, but also immaculately preserved medieval buildings.


Have you ever heard of Ghent?


It is a city located in the Flemish Region of Belgium and it is one of the biggest cities in the province.


Back in 1300, the city was the richest in Northern Europe.


Today, Ghent amazes with stunning architecture, beautiful port and well-known university.


One of the most common festivals is the ten-day-long “Ghent Festival” that is held every year.


 It feels great to be discovering historical, cultural and culinary highlights of Ghent and walking by my favourite cafés, chocolate shops and delis.


Ghent also offers a great variety of dining spots.


You can find everything here – from your local neighborhood bar to family-friendly favorites featuring cuisine ranging from international fare to comfort foods.


There are many ways to unwind in Ghent.


You can ride your bike.


Pamper yourself.


Enjoy the arts. Visit a brewery.


The possibilities are endless!


How do you like Ghent in pictures?

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23 thoughts on “Ghent In Pictures”

  1. Avatar of rebecca

    Beautiful photos! Ghent is certainly on the list. I went to Bruges and just wish I had time to visit Ghent. Although, happily keep Belgium in general on the list!

  2. Avatar of Carl

    Lovely pics as always mate! Glad to see you enjoyed it as much as I did the other month too! Was it your first time there or had you visited before?

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