China Experience: Introduction


Ni hao! (Chinese “hello!”)

My name is Agness and this is my blog about my one-year experience in China, which started on 11th of August 2011 when I arrived at Shanghai Pudong Internation Airport with my broken suitcase and a laptop bag :-). Tired but happy and excited, I had to wait for 3 hours for my next plane from Shanghai to Chongqing (the place where I spent the best week in my life-why? I’ll explain later on).

Why China? It was January, just came back home from Egypt trip and I wanted to change something in my life. I knew that I love to travel and every single trip, even around England, was a great fun and a new experience. For this reason, I started to look for some job offers (teaching positions) on the Internet (as I was going to be a graduate in September 2011, English and Spanish course). I had a 2-year-experience of being a teacher and I really enjoyed teaching. So why not go to a foreign country and teach English there? Sounded like a plan. I sent a few CVs and after several days I had my first interview, all went ok and I got the job in Hunan province (Southern China). I bought my ticket, got my Visa and I was China ready, counting down days and hours till I finally got here!!!

To say something more about me, I’m a very adventurous person, willing to meet new people and waiting for more and more adventures. I’m a fresher actually as I have been traveling only for 3 years. My first destination was Paris (France) where I spent an unforgettable week with my best friend. Nevertheless, traveling has been my passion since I remember. It broadens my mind and gives me lots of opportunities to find out something more about myself, people surrounding me and the world.

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I’m writing this blog to share my feelings and experience with those who love to travel and call themselves “tramps”. You can find here all useful information about food, weather, China’s top sights typical for each province, where to go, where to stay, what to say to be understood by Chinese people and how to behave. Moreover, I will upload some pictures with descriptions of places where I have been to. So I hope that my itinerary suggestions will help you with planning your own China experience. If you have been to China and experienced something I haven’t, that would be awesome if you could share your feelings with me and give me some advice for my future trips :-).

If you have any questions regarding Visa application, Visa/flight costs, please don’t hesitate to ask me. You can find my e-mail address on my profile so you can e-mail me anytime or you can also make a comment below. After the weekend, I will describe my first days in Chongqing province.
Thanks for your time and see you soon!


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4 thoughts on “China Experience: Introduction”

  1. Avatar of Nomadic Boys

    Any tips/experiences with booking fake refundable flights for visa applications?
    We are setting off in June for our Asian adventure, entering via the Trans Siberian and ending up in China for a few months then backpacking in Asia. No fixed return date but the Chinese embassy doesn’t like that :(

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