Agness Walewinder- Travel Fitness and Lifestyle Author

  • Agness Walewinder, Travel Expert 
  • Co-founder of 
  • Expertise: City Exploration, Coffee Cafe Hopping, Fitness Travel, Healthy Travel, City Walking


Agness Walewinder- Travel Fitness and Lifestyle Author
  • Co-founder of the esteemed travel platform,
  • Renowned for her unique blend of city walking explorations and coffee cafe hopping.
  • A fitness travel enthusiast, championing a combination of adventure and healthy eating. 
  • Endorses a holistic approach to travel, ensuring mental, physical, and spiritual well-being.

“Travel is more than moving from one place to another. It’s about discovering yourself and the world simultaneously. Every city has a story, every cafe a memory, and every journey a lesson. Embrace the world holistically; it’s the healthiest way to travel.”


Highlights and Experiences of Author Agness Walewinder

Agness Walewinder is the embodiment of modern travel. Co-founding the illustrious platform,, she’s gone beyond the usual to venture into the very heart of cities, cafes, and cultures. With a passion for both discovery and holistic living, she’s merged city exploration with fitness travel, creating a niche that appeals to adventurers and health enthusiasts alike.

Her endeavors haven’t stopped at mere exploration. Agness believes in healthy travel, ensuring that every journey is not just about discovering places but about a holistic well-being experience. This approach has garnered her a unique space in the travel domain, where wellness meets adventure.

Agness’s contributions to the travel community are multifaceted. From her curated city guides to coffee cafe hopping adventures, she’s inspired a myriad of travelers to experience the world with zest and zeal. With a keen eye for detail and a penchant for the extraordinary, Agness ensures that every journey taken is one filled with memories and learning.

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Agness graduated from the National University of Amsterdam with a masters in Master’s Degree in New Media and Digital Culture.
While Agness’s knowledge is globally acquired, it’s her experiences that have been her real educator. Every city visited, every cafe frequented, and every culture embraced has contributed to her vast reservoir of travel wisdom, making her a revered figure in the world of modern travel. 

Education Background of Agness - Teaching English In China Agness Of Etramping


A beacon for modern travelers, offers a blend of traditional exploration and health-focused adventures. Co-founded by passionate explorers, it stands as a testament to the essence of travel in today’s age. Etramping isn’t merely a platform; it’s a movement, a community, and a guide for those who believe in traveling wholesomely.

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General Facts About Agness Walewinder

  • When did you started travelling: 2011
  • Certificates: TESOL/TEFL
  • Expertise/ Specialise in: City Exploration, Coffee Cafe Hopping, Fitness Travel, Healthy Travel, City Walking, Digital Marketing
  • Reviewed: City guides, Travel Gear
  • Favourite Countries: Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Holland
  • Education: Master’s Degree in New Media and Digital Culture
  • University: National of Amsterdam
General Facts About Agness Walewinder

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