7 Amazing Mosques from Around the World

Me and Cez love exploring temples, mosques, churches and cathedrals when traveling. We admired top 5 beautiful temples in Bali and explored Lama Temple in Beijing.

Ulun Banu, Bali, Indonesia.

There is still so much to explore though. Especially with Etramping’s top 30 World’s Most Beautiful Temples – a great contribution from fellow travel bloggers.

Few temples you need to explore when traveling.

Forget the temples now because today’s blog post is all about mosques! Built as a holy place of worship, mosques offer a snapshot look into a civilisation’s historical architecture and beauty.

Different mosques from around the world show great variation in the structure and style of their buildings. Each style representing the distinct approach of those that built them and worship within. Presented here are 7 of the most mesmerising mosques from around the world. Hopefully, they will provide you with the wanderlust to explore the world and make the most of your trip.

#1 Al-Haram Mosque

Perhaps the most iconically famous place of worship, the Al-Haram Mosque in Mecca, Saudi Arabia is visited by millions of Muslims each year, with a maximum capacity of over 400 million. Built during the times of the Prophet Ibrahim, the mosque is open year round and welcomes men, women and children alike.

Al-Haram Mosque

#2 Al Aqsa Mosque – Jerusalem, Palestine

This mosque located in Jerusalem is a holy site for both Jews and Muslims, and is believed to be the original centre of worship for Muslims before eventually changing it to Mecca.

Al Aqsa Mosque

#3 The Blue Mosque – Istanbul, Turkey

The Blue Mosque, also known as Sultan Ahmed Mosque, is located in the historic city of Turkey. Lined with mosaic tiles, the mosque houses a school, a hospice, and a tomb for Sultan Ahmed as well as areas for worship.

The Blue Mosque

#4 Masjid-Al-Nabwi – Medina, Saudi Arabia

Built by the Holy Prophet himself, the mosque is considered one of the holiest sites of Islam, second only to the Al-Haram located in Mecca. Its iconic green dome houses the tomb of the Holy Prophet (Peace be Upon Him) himself and is visited by millions of worshippers every year.


#5 Faisal Mosque – Islamabad, Pakistan

The biggest mosque in South East and Southern Asia, the Faisal Mosque was built as a gift to Pakistan from King Faisal of Saudi Arabia. It’s tall white pillars and large courtyard are an iconic sight and will take your breath away!

Faisal Mosque

#6 Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddin Mosque – Brunei

With marble pillars topped with metallic gold domes, this beautiful mosque is a popular site to visit in not only Brunei but also in Asia Pacific in general. The mosque is built along an artificial lagoon and is surrounded by gardens of green and fertile courtyards.

Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddin Mosque

#7 Zahir Mosque – Kedah, Malaysia

Located in Malaysia’s city of Kedah, this mosque is not only the largest but also the oldest in the country. Its most iconic feature are the 5 domes built to represent that 5 most basic tenants of Islamic faith. Built over a century ago, the mosque draws on both classic Islamic as well as Indonesian heritage and architecture.

Zahir Mosque

Have you visited any of these? If not, which of these 7 mosques would you like to visit first?


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18 thoughts on “7 Amazing Mosques from Around the World”

  1. Pooja @lostinprettyeurope

    Oh they are so, so beautiful. I’ve only been to Blue Mosque in Istanbul from that list and I was blown away by the fantastic architecture and its grandness. It was my first time entering or seeing any mosque, so maybe that added to the awe. I love the one from Malaysia! How nice! :)

  2. What a beautiful buildings! I wish I have seen them all in real. Unfortunately, the only two I have been to are The Blue Mosque in Istanbul and Al Aqsa Mosque in Palestine. Too bad I haven’t heard of Zahir Mosque before. I’ve spent more than 2 months this year in Malaysia and never made it to Kedah.

  3. Wow those mosques sure look amazing and I bet you had a great time visiting them too! I’d love to see the blue mosque and also some of the mosques in Iran, my friend’s just been there and showed me pictures of the mosque there decorated with amazing tiles!

  4. What beautiful photographs. They all look pretty marvellous! I’ve only been to one of them – the Blue Mosque in Istanbul – but I would like to see the mosques in Malaysia, Brunei and Jerusalem!

  5. I’m not particularly eyeing on visiting mosques, but the Blue Mosque is one of my dream destinations. The Hassan II mosque in Casablanca did not make this list, pity.

  6. Pedro @travelwithpedro

    Great list, Agness! I’ve been to two of them and will be visiting the one in Brunei next month. I also like the Ortakoy Mosque in Istanbul and Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi.

  7. A Journey Note by Hani Calista

    Been 2 out of 7.
    Mand just being honest, for me I put Nabawi on the first rank.

    The location is so orderly, medina people is more friendly, the Mosque it self so peaceful and beautiful outside and inside. Specially the umbrellas and the birds that flew here and there.

    Eventhough a lot of birds inside the mosqe but i never found any of their “stain” inside, lol

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