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New Zealand
Agness Walewinder

How To Hitchhike in New Zealand

New Zealand is still one of the safest places in the world to hitchhike. Of course, hitch hiking always carries with it some risks, but then so does every other activity in this world. So if you are keen to hitch around New Zealand, then this guide will give you the basics.

Budget travel
Agness Walewinder

El Camino De Santiago: Walking The Camino On $25 A Day

From sweeping vistas to sleepy villages, The Camino is an amazing way to explore Spain while taking part in an epic hiking journey. Unfortunately, with its popularity rising The Camino is becoming more and more expensive. Yet it is still easily affordable to those with some budget sense.

Working Remotely
Cez Krol

What To Write About In Your Travel Blog When You’re Not Traveling

Blogging is all about interactions and audience. If you manage to serve both of these purposes at once, all the better for your blog. The travel blog should be focused on travel, but for some it’s hard to achieve when not traveling (like me at the moment when writing my master’s thesis).

Agness Walewinder

How We Packed For A Month Of Travel

Pack lite, travel far and live long – how we packed for a journey across the Philippines, Singapore and Indonesia.

Top travel tips
Cez Krol

Cycling in Vietnam

There’s only one way to travel a country slower than on a bicycle – by walking. I have never walked a country, but I have

Top travel tips
Cez Krol

Cheap Hotel / Hostel in Vietnam

Vietnam is famous for the low prices amongst holiday makers and travelers. It’s easy to find decent accommodation for US$20, but you can find similar

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