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Cable car in Chongqing running across Yangtze river
Cez Krol

Photo of the Day: Cable Car in Chongqing

Unusual way to commute in a modern city? That’s a cable car operating in Chongqing, one of the biggest metropolis in China. It gives urban sightseeing a

Weekends in Xiushan

I spend my every weekend in Xiushan, a small town located in Chongqing province. After reading my first note called “Around Chongqing” you should know

Agness Walewinder

Around Chongqing

Before I headed to China, I was advised by one of my best friends Barbara, who was my inspiration to travel, to buy a book

Agness Walewinder

Chongqing City, China

Chongqing City is located in central China. Its name Chongquing comes from the Jialing River that runs through the city into the nearby Yangtze River.

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