Yellow Cabs, High-Speed Motorbikes and Hot Pot


China experience 068After reading this headline you should probably know where I spent my last weekend. I was back in Chongqing. Only for a few days but it was enough to have another great time here with my friends I met when I came here last summer. I must admit this place has not changed at all. Still the same buildings, my favourite hostel, the same view of the river, fresh air and a smell of spicy Hot Pot and fried rice on the street. The whole trip to Chongqing was a big mess though. I found out I was going there 45 minutes before my bus left. The bust left Xiushan bus station at 17:45 which means I was going to arrive in Chongqing at 24:00. No hostel booked, no clothes and camera packed, no Lonely Planet book taken, nothing. I was angry and frustrated because it was another time my boss was not organised at all and did all important things at the last minute. He calls it “Chinese way of dealing with everything”.

When I was on my bus, I sent a few text messages to my Chongqing friends asking for help: “I’m on my way to Chongqing. Need a place to stay tonight. Emergency”. Of course, my friends texted me back saying “No problem. We will be waiting for you at the bus station at 12am sharp.” I knew I could rely on them. When I got to Chongqing we went to a hostel to check in. I left my stuff and we went for a walk. I had too much to tell them so do they. Next day I went to the hospital to do a medical check. Everything went smoothly so I could enjoy the rest of the day with my friends. In the hostel, I met a group of American travelers and teachers who, as me, enjoyed China a lot. We talked for ages. No doubts, that was an epic weekend!

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The whole country is preparing itself for Chinese New Year which, as people say, is the most amazing and important celebration in China (we will see!). There are red lanterns hanging on almost every building, tree and road sign. I assume that’s gonna be a biiiig party! :-). Who am I spending this time with? I’m going to my best friend’s hometown which is located 45 minutes by bus from Huayuan. Many teachers have invited me to join them during this time but Jordan is the one who spends most of time with me and we are like good friends. Chinese people celebrate this time together and I want to experience a real Chinese life in the countryside. I travelled a lot and now there is a time for a peaceful life among my friends.

I am coming back on 30th January so my next blog entry will be created at the beginning of February.



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