Cez Krol Adventure Author

“Adventure is not just about the thrill; it’s about the soulful connection with nature and rediscovering oneself amidst the wilderness. It’s the art of exploring the uncharted, with just a backpack and boundless spirit.”

  • Adventure Travel Expert, Co-founder of Etramping.com 
  • Expertise: Outdoor Adventure, Camping, Backpacking, Budget Travel, Adventure Travel 
  • Education: Degree in Accountancy, 1st class honours, University of Wolverhampton


Cez Krol Adventure Author
  • Co-founder of the dynamic travel platform, Etramping.com.
  • A recognized authority on outdoor adventures, including camping and backpacking.
  • A proponent of budget travel, ensuring explorations are both thrilling and affordable.
  • Has ventured through off-the-beaten paths and challenging terrains, making adventure travel accessible to all.
Cez And Mountains


Cez Krol isn’t your ordinary traveler. As the co-founder of Etramping.com, he’s carved a niche in the vast world of travel, advocating for the thrills and soulfulness of outdoor adventures. With a backpack as his constant companion, Cez has traversed forests, scaled mountains, and camped under a myriad of starlit skies.

Cez and Lydia above the Tiger's Nest, Bhutan | Cez's Travel Experience

His expertise in budget travel has revolutionized the way many perceive adventure travel. For Cez, you don’t need deep pockets to experience the depth of the world. This philosophy, combined with his practical tips on backpacking and camping, has made adventure travel attainable and enjoyable for countless enthusiasts.

Etramping.com, under Cez’s guidance, has become a haven for those looking to travel the world but fearing the costs. Whether it’s doing road trips through Europe or backpacking through Southeast Asia on a shoestring budget, Cez’s insights and experiences light the way.

Cez clings on for dear life as the sharks circle below…
Cez clings on for dear life as the sharks circle below…


Cez holds a degree in Accountancy from the esteemed University of Wolverhampton.
While his academic credentials in Accountancy might seem worlds apart from his adventurous pursuits, they have given him a unique edge in budget travel, enabling him to devise travel strategies that are both cost-effective and rich in experience.

General Facts About Cez Krol

  • When did you started travelling: 2011
  • Expertise/ Specialise in: Hiking and Camping, Backpacking, Budget Travel
  • Reviewed: Camping Gear, Backpacking Gear, Travelling Gear, Outdoor Gear, Hunting Gear, Fishing Gear
Cez reading Sydney guide

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