Hi! If you visit this website it probably means that you are a travel freak, vagabond and/ or photography passionate and life enthusiast like me.

I live by the rule “pack lite, travel far and live long”.

That’s me in my favourite Chinese hat

My name is Agness, I’m a 23-year-old Pole and University graduate in English and Spanish language. My friends say that I’m as stubborn as a mule and I have an endless energy. Yes, that’s true :). I try to stay positive all the time and be optimistic with everything I do.

Always traveling with my camera not to miss anything. The Great Wall of China, Beijing.

I’m prepared for the worst but I hope for the best and so far, it has paid off. Undoubtedly, I am an extremely adventurous person who loves traveling, meeting people from different cultures, sharing travel and life experience with others and going to remote places that most tourists never visit. I’m also passionate about foreign languages (I speak Polish, British English, Spanish, Catalan, basic German and Chinese), I love music, photography and blogging.

Gibraltar, Spain.

Since I remember, traveling has been in my blood. I’m not interested in a typical beach or all inclusive holiday but prefer to spend my free time doing active and exciting activities with my backpack on. When my friends were going out for parties every weekend, I was working my ass off (full-time university, full-time job in a coffee shop and part-time teaching) trying to save as much money as possible for my next journey. When others were booking their holiday in a travel agency thinking how big the swimming pool in their hotel should be, I was planning from the very beginning my next trip (as cheap as possible) wondering if I can survive for this money. This is how much I differ from most of my friends when it comes to traveling.

Jishou, China.

Sometimes I think that nobody understands me. My family thinks that traveling is “doing nothing”, it’s like being on a holiday all the time and I should think of settling down in my home country and finally start a family. And believe me, doing something when everyone around tells you it’s wrong, isn’t easy but I know that we have only one life and I don’t want to regret a thing in 10 or 20 years. Adventure, adventure, adventure!  My aim is to explore the world, the further I go, the more satisfied I am. As I say “Slowly but surely!”- that’s how I travel :) :).
How it all started

The idea of creating this website and my blog came up in August 2011 where I set off for my first journey to China with my luggage,a Lonely Planet book and no friends with me and experience. Full of energy and ideas, trying to figure out how to manage to live in China, working and traveling selectively around different provinces, I decided to share it with others in my blog. At that time, Cez was also thinking about his own website and one day we just came up with an idea of working together and designing this website from the very scratch with no I.T. knowledge at all. As you have probably noticed I often call myself a Tramp. Why? One day I watched an inspiring movie which made me believe even more that traveling is my whole life.

Taking photos in Beijing, China.

The movie’s title is “Into the Wild” and it tells a story of University graduate, top student and athlete Christopher McCandless who abandons his possessions, gives his entire $24,000 savings account to charity and hitchhikes to Alaska to live in the wilderness. One day someone asked him what his name was and he said “Alexander Supertramp”! Don’t worry! In my case, it’s not about being homeless with no perspectives, it is about being temporarily (in most cases) homeless with perspectives! The perspective is about realizing my dreams of travel. Sometimes I have to leave behind the comforts of the city life. On the way it is much harder to precisely plan the next day and with limited budged you want to get from one place to another, which is not always the most comfortable.

Ready for more adventures!

I am talking here about travel full of twists and unknown ahead and all-inclusive holidays have nothing to do with this. Traveling with one-way ticket, backpack and hunger for real experiences, you may sometimes be seen as a tramp. Own up to this and be proud to be different and open. In return you get freedom to do exactly what you want to do.

What I love the most about traveling

The Great Wall of China, Beijing.

It’s all about unexpectedness. You never know what’s going to happen, where you decide to go, what kind of people you meet on your way. You feel so free and powerful. Time stops for a while, you don’t need to be in a hurry, you take your time and it all depends on you. You become a better person, you can learn a lot from locals, villagers and monks. You finally have the time to think about your life and find out what really matters to you. I just love the feeling of stepping off the plane/ train in a new city/country and setting out to discover what makes it so special. The unknown. Getting lost a hundred of times and finding the way on your own, that’s so exciting! You don’t need to follow a travel guide who tells you what to do, what’s worth sightseeing and where to eat.  Just let it be and enjoy every second of your adventure! So if anybody wants to hire a full-time traveller- I’m right here!

If you want to find out something more about me, just visit my blog. It does not only describe my everyday life, adventures and challenges I face when traveling and or working in different countries in the world but also gives you a bunch of information on how to travel confidently and cheaply. I just wanted to put all my thoughts, feelings and adventures together, write them all down (with some pictures uploaded) from my journeys to make them last forever and be able to get back to them in 10 or 20 years to bring them back to life again.



  • Dziękuję for the follow, Agnesz! I’ll keep an eye out for your site. Good luck in the travel blogging world, it’s stiff competition out there! Are you coming to Central Asia? I hope so: I just uploaded a new photoset of Kazakhstan to get you to start dreaming:

    Good luck!

    • My pleasure Steven. Thanks for your comment. You can visit my Facebook page (www.etramping/etramping) and I promise to keep you updated. I am a fresher when it comes to blogging and twitter but I’m doing pretty well. I’ve seen your pictures, they are all lonely. I’m going to visit Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia soon. Will keep you posted.

  • Don’t worry, I’m a tramp too! ;) Love your site and perspective on travel and life in general. Looking forward to following your adventures :)

  • Love this Agness! I see eye to eye with you on so many of these statements – the unknown and adventure could not explain my desires any more! It’s so exciting, never knowing what will happen the next day and making the most of any situation! I’m looking forward to staying in touch and hearing more about your travels!!


  • Amazing site you have here. I’m really impressed. I love the budget focus of your site. I’m about to leave on my journey to Latin America on the cheap so reading about all your tips and how you’ve managed to do things on the cheap is great. It’s great to hear that i’m not the only one leaving everything behind to go travel.

    Can’t to see what your future adventures bring

    • Cheers Brendon. We are heading to South America next year (August) and we will be travelling from the South to the North of the continent on a budget as well, so stay with us for some hot news from the road :)

  • Tu polska przejmujemy tą stronę!
    Cieszymy sie że odwiedziłaś banacha! Mamy nadzieje że wpadniesz po wycieczce do ameryki :D Pozdro

    • Hey Dominika! Dziekuje bardzo za zaproszenie, to byla moja przyjemnosc. Na pewno wpadne za rok, juz sie nie moge doczekac. Dzieki wielkie i pozdrowienia!

  • I love the postcard-themed layout of your website. Very lovely! Great story too. I also watched and loved that film “Into the Wild” and it’s inspired me quite a lot.

  • Hi Agness
    Loved your site in your travel approach , first time to like tramps
    design is very nice tips is fantastic , will keep an eye in your site
    will wait to see you in Sharm El Sheikh Red Sea , Egypt
    wish great traveling

    • Hi Heshan. Thank you so much for reaching out! You comment made me sooooo happy, cheers! I’m so overwhelmed to hear you like my travel adventures and hope to carry on my journey :))))) Sending my love from China!

    • It would be a very interesting experience. North Korea is on my bucket list, so I hope to make it there one day :).

  • Jeśli myślisz, że czasami nikt Cię nie rozumie, to mylisz się, i to bardzo. Rozumiem Was doskonale, wielu ludzi rozumie, zwłaszcza Ci, którzy żyją podobnie, i wiedzą, że nie mają w życiu nic do stracenia, poza życiem, które momentami nie przedstawia żadnej wartości, bo jak nie ma miłości, to życie jest bez sensu. A tej miłości coraz mniej we współczesnym świecie. “Into the wild” – piękny film. Christopher McCandless, prawdziwa historia ze smutnym finałem, choć może niekoniecznie, bo nie wiemy, co jest dalej. Jednak tu, na Ziemi, chyba jednak szczęśliwi jesteśmy, gdy to szczęście z kimś dzielimy. Choć głowy za to sobie uciąć nie dam. :) Pozdrawiam, i życzę szerokiej drogi w Waszych podróżach.

    • Hej Kondrad! Dzięki wielkie za wsparcie i miłe słowa. To prada, zrozumie Ciebie ten, co przeżył to samo :) Film był prześwietny i bardzo wzruszający, zawsze go polecamy ludziom, którzy marzą o takich podróżach, ale nigdy nie odważyli się na taką pojechać. Dziękujemy i trzymaj się ciepło!

  • hej! czy piszesz gdzieś o tym, jak to się stało, że uczysz angielskiego w Chinach? szukam, ale nie mogę znaleźć;) super blog, pozdrawiam, jestem tu codziennie! ;)

    • a! no i jak ogólnie wygląda taka procedura – pytam, bo sama również zamierzam wyjechać uczyć angielskiego. mam tefl – tylko co dalej?

      • Są dwie opcje. Może albo poszukać pracy jak będziesz już na miejscu (wysyłać CV, odwiedzać publiczne i prywatne szkoły, zdobyć kontakty z obcokrajowcami, którzy mają spore doświadczenie ze szkołami) lub też szukać przez internet przed wyjazdem (wysyłaś CV przez różne stronki). Wysyłam Ci moje posty z linkami, ja korzystałam właśnie z tych stronek —> Na dole masz linki do stronek z których ja korzystałam. Jak ktoś zainteresuje się Twoim CV, to następnie jest rozmowa na skype’ie, kupujesz bilet i lecisz :) oczywiście podpisując kontrakt i dostając wizę.

    • Hej Ważka. Dziękuję bardzo. Jest kilka notek o mojej szkole, ale najwięcej jest tutaj–> to jest atykuł, który napisałam na konkurs po polsku. Dzięki za odwiedzanie bloga.Jak masz jakieś pytania, to śmiało :)

  • what a wonderfull life miss agnes , seeing different cultures , I’m from Indonesia…. have you been to mount Bromo East Java ? ….. please don’t hasitate to visit…put in your list in the next journey..

    • Hey! Thanks for stopping by. Nope, I’ve never been to Mount Bromo East Java and never visited Indonesia. Hope to do it soon though. Greetings from China!

  • Hi Agness, I am due to visit shijiazhuang in a few weeks on my trip from Shanghai to Beijing and I wondered what hotel you stayed in as it doesn’t have any youth hostels there!?


  • Hola Agness?

    yo lei un articulo muy interesante sobre couchsurfing.

    Tiene usted un perfil como miembro actualmente?


  • Awesome site and awesome philosophy. Keep going. Increíble la web e increíble tu filosofía. Sigue así. Espero que nos encontremos algún día en el camino, y desde hoy tenéis un seguidor más. Un abrazo

    • Hey Sergio. Thank you so much for the kind words. It’s a pretty wise and simply philosophy that keeps me going :). I also hope we can meet one day during our travels. Stay safe!

  • Hi Agnees,

    I came accross your site on the day my trip to ‘Jaipur, Udaipur in Rajasthan, India got canceled after months of planning and preparations. Its inspiring to read your blog and how you stepped up, packed your bag and took the ‘road less traveled’ against all odds. It feels so great to see someone actually doing what i wanted to. To see someone live the experiences i wish to. Hope to take much inspirations from your site and proudly claim to be a ‘Tramp’ myself soon.

    P.S. : If you ever fly into India, Mumbai…don’t hesitate to give me a holla :)

    • Dear Surya, I’m so sorry to hear about your cancelled trip to India. Are you planning to go somewhere else? How about coming to China? We would love to host you for a few days. Thanks for the kind words. If I ever make it to India, I’ll let you know :)xxx Sending my love!

  • It’s so late on a Saturday night here in the States. I’m going to come back to your About page. But, I will tell you that I’m absolutely hooked on your travels and writing, Agness :)

  • Hi Agness, loving the travels you and Cez are doing and what you have done with this site. Similar to your story, I left Australia (have you guys made it here yet??) with just a few hundred dollars in my pocket, small suitcase and a whole bunch of dreams and wishes and a beaming smile on my face. Somehow found myself in Chicago, U.S.A. For three years and I NEVER looked back and will NEVER stop travelling. Travel is in my blood too; this is one beautiful world that begs to be discovered.

  • Nice to meet you!!!
    I’m looking forward to reading more, I’m loving your blog already!

    P.S. Into The Wild is one of the greatest movies ever!

  • Hello Agness,

    Thank you so much for writing about your experiences. Reading this page about you makes me feel like we are kindred spirits. I’m in University right now trying to figure out how I can travel and live in another country after I graducate. I have one more year. I went to China in 2011 to learn Chinese and fell in love with China and traveling. I traveled a few countries in Asia and now Europe this past summer. I did the same thing as you saved and then traveled. I was wondering about how you started. How much did you save to start your adventure (with flight)? Also, have you been traveling since 2011? wow!!!! My dream! Your my travel hero!! Also, I saw that you said that you worked abroad to make money– what kind of jobs? and how did you find these jobs… I’m going crazy not traveling right now and really want to start planning what to do? BTW

    • Hi Bianca,

      Save up some money and pick up a travel destination. Try to set up and online business or try some freelancing job on the Internet. That can support your travels!

  • Hello Agness,

    Thank you so much for writing about your experiences. Reading this page about you makes me feel like we are kindred spirits. I’m in University right now trying to figure out how I can travel and live in another country after I graduate. I have one more year. I went to China in 2011 to learn Chinese and fell in love with China and traveling. I traveled a few countries in Asia and now Europe this past summer. I did the same thing as you saved and then traveled. I was wondering about how you started. How much did you save to start your adventure (with flight)? Also, have you been traveling since 2011? wow!!!! My dream! Your my travel hero!! Also, I saw that you said that you worked abroad to make money– what kind of jobs? and how did you find these jobs… I’m going crazy not traveling right now and really want to start planning what to do? BTW I found your blog this summer before I went to Europe and you wrote about couchsurfing as a female — so many thanks for that. I decided to do it and it was an interesting thing to say the least lol… anywho happy days to you!!


    • Hi Bianca,

      Thank you so much for your message. We really have a lot in common, wow, it’s incredible.
      I saved around 1.500 British pounds when I was flying to China which is not much at all. I didn’t care much about savings at that time :). I mainly work as an English teacher, Social Media consultant and help Cez with WordPress. I found these jobs once I arrived there, asked locals and they always helped me out or searched some offers on the Internet.

      Hope that helps.

      Wishing you all the best.

      P.S. You should get yourself a travel blog and start working on it before you set off for another adventure. If you need some help, email me —> [email protected].

      Best regards,


  • Hey Agness,
    and thanks for that great website and all the information the two,if you provide! :) I have spent half a year in Kenya now, but had to leave the country due to visa issues, so I’m looking for alternatives and new places to travel to. On idea I had was to get a flight to Beijing or Shanghai and find a way to get to Ulan Bator in Mongolia. Since my budget is quite limited, I am in search for the cheapest means possible. This brings up this one question: do you think it is possible to tramp with cars or trucks going from China to Mongolia? And one of the more touristic questions: how many people do understand English in Eastern China (which is a dumb question since this can certainly not be generalized), or – in other words – how do you communicate if you do not speak any Chinese?

    Thank you very much in advance! Have a safe journey, all of the time.

    • Fly to Beijing, and take a bus to Ulan Bator. You can kind of manage without Chinese, just don’t depend on anyone speaking English. Once you get to Beijing, get the hell out of here as fast as u can

    • Hi Lukas,

      Thanks for sharing. Answering your questions, of course it is possible to tramp with cars or trucks going from China to Mongolia. If there is a will, there is a way! You just need to do a proper research! As for the language, it’s much easier to carry a small dictionary with you so you can always use it when you need to translate something. Moreover, try to pick up some basic words in Chinese! I took a few Chinese classes before heading to China and that helped me a lot!

  • wow! you really love to travel and quite different from other foreigners. I got curious that’s why I checked your blog, by the way im from philippines, I just saw some of my friends sharing your experience here in the philippines. I’m sorry that you got sick, but if you reconsider please do come back here, i’m sure that you haven’t researched the best places to eat local foods because you only knew specific foods to eat but not the best place to eat it, You just been at the wrong place to eat that’s all. i have a lot to tell you but i can’t because i’m bad at english, i don’t know if my grammar & commas are correct. I just had to do this, i just want all the tourist here to be happy and satisfied when they go home to they’re country and tell they’re friends and family that our country is worth it. (phew! ~nose bleed), #itsmorefuninthephilippines =)

  • Better do research first before ending a comment. Your failure to do this made me think if you are indeed a genuine traveler. Come back to the Philippines and fast. Let’s see if you are serious about not eating our food and rather die of starvation.

  • Hi Agness, I have enjoyed and inspired after reading your personal profile and experiences, on how’d you managed to live far from your love ones. I hope you’re doing well now after your experience in the Philippines. I see you as a brave girl knowing that Filipinos will have their negative comments and response. I hope it won’t stop you in traveling back in the Philippines and always enjoy your trip wherever your map brings you.

    dumni, że filipiński

    • Dear Zeina,

      Thank you so much for stopping by. I go home twice a year to catch up with my loved ones. I miss them, but travelling is so addictive! Of course my bad food experience will not stop me from travelling back in the Philippines. I hope to make it there again soon!

      With love,


  • Hi Agness,

    So, I just read your blog about the street food from my country (philippines) after hearing a lot of buzz. First, I want to say sorry for some of us who took your comments personally without fully understanding where you’re coming from. And sorry for the bad experience by the way.

    Next, I think what a lot of people don’t understand is the premise of your blog, which is to “spend $25/person/day or less on food”. Which means you always have to go cheap. Cheap places. No tour guides. Just on your own. So that’s unfortunately how you got such an unremarkable food experience. Streetfood hunting, you can do in some other countries, like you mentioned, china or thailand and still find great food. But this just does not happen here in the philippines.

    I will kind of have to agree with the point of your blog. I am not proud of our street food and even to some extent, of our restaurant culture. I have been to a few places in Southeast Asia. Although due to my filipino tastebuds I don’t like some of their food, what’s really great about them is you will have a lot of options! One street can offer you so much variety and tastes. (Btw, I really love the food culture in thailand and singapore) And you can eat them cheaply!

    Unfortunately for our country, we don’t have that kind of culture here. If I want to eat good food, I really don’t have that much options eating outside. Much less in streets or in cheap canteens. Although we have restaurant culture, even those have limited varieties. On the other hand, if I want to eat good food, they are cooked from home or from gatherings or from fiestas, which are hardly accessible to foreign tourists like yourself.

    So the bottomline is, our food is great! They’re just not that as easily accessible to tourists as one would hope just like how they do in the streets of thailand or in vietnam or in china. Food tourism here is just not as developed as you must’ve expected.

    It’s nice though that you had the curiosity of trying our food culture. You just had to experience the wrong sort. But no hard feelings. Enjoy exploring other food cultures!


    P.S. That 7-11 hotdog posing as longganisa was hands-down funny! I died laughing looking that photo. It was almost as if someone did a prank on you.

  • “My family thinks that travelling is “doing nothing”, it’s like being on a holiday all the time and I should think of settling down in my home country and finally start a family. And believe me, doing something when everyone around tells you it’s wrong, isn’t easy but I know that we have only one life and I don’t want to regret a thing in 10 or 20 years”

    Jakbys mi to wyjela z ust! Przed moim wyjazdem w samotna wycieczke po poludniowej Ameryce ktora zaczynala sie w Kolumbii rodzice starali sie odwiezc mnie od tego pomyslu, prosba, grozba i czym tam sie jeszcze dalo, niestety nie udalo im sie. Teraz stoje przed kolejna podroza, ale tym razem rodzice sa spokojni bo stwierdzili ze juz sie przyzwyczaili do moich pomyslow. Mimo to, dobrze zawsze miec wsparcie, a nie ciagle sluchac czemu nie znajdziesz sobie ‘normalnej’ pracy. Moje pojecie normalnosci jest niestety nieco inne niz ich, ale jak twierdza powoli sie do tego przyzwyczajaja. :)

    Ciesze sie ze wpadlam na waszego bloga! Powodzenia i kto wie, mozemy wpadniemy gdzies w swiecie na siebie!

  • Completely admire your passion, makes me wish that I had made a few different decisions in my youth.

  • Thank you for such a lovely story & you make reading easy.
    I’ve been harping on about China & the Chinese being a friendly, respectful & engaging lot, for years..
    Of course you still have to be careful when you deal with the odd nut here & there.

  • hi agnes
    my name is bimels, i live in lalibela Ethiopia i am 23 years old when i see it is so great, i want have friend all over the world, if you have a plan to come to ethiopia lalibela i well come you.

    all the best!
    sincerely bimels

  • Your story is so wonderful :)
    Both of y’all are a HUGE inspiration – I hope you never stop travelling!

  • Hi Agness! Really enjoy your blog, just nipped over to read more about you :) and found you too loved the film ‘Into the Wild’ and were inspired by it too.

    I think I was about 18 (24 now) when I watched it and it touched a nerve and revealed something about me I never really had noticed before! The deep desire to be free of material possessions, an address and the 9-5 life :) Normal life wasn’t cutting it for me!
    My boyfriend Taran and I have a website to document our transition to a nomadic life and provide tips etc as we save up for two years in Australia! It’s getting me so excited to leave everything behind (but hopefully not end up eating poisonous mushrooms and dying alone, haha!)

    x HANNAH –

    • Hi Hannah!
      Thank you so much for the message. So awesome, the world’s so small! I’m checking out your web now. Keep up the hard work and let’s keep in touch!

  • I am so touched and moved from what you write here.I am exactly like you only MUCH older and i am thinking to go teach in China and your article really made me think positive!I do beleive travelling goes along with living loving and learning that Leo Buscaglia said and i intend to do all those while my feet still can hold my body!!Take care and have fun!!! :))))))

  • Hi Agness! It’s been exciting to read about your adventures! I enjoy travelling and love your adventurous spirit! I read you’re in Amsterdam now – if you like, let’s meet up sometime :)!



    • Hi Walter. Please find me on Facebook (Agness Walewinder) and of course we can meet up one day!! Would be amazing to have a coffee together.

  • Love your blog sweetie!! It’s great to know I will be studying and living with you for the next one year… Hope to share some of your adventures!

    Look forward to a great time with you!


  • Hi Agness
    It’s the first time that i see your good blog. my English is not as good as you.
    But I have read some parts of your posts. You have beautiful thoughts and beautiful life.
    I hope you visit my ancient and beautiful country (Iran). a country with thousands years civilization.
    traveling to Iran is too cheap for European.
    good luck,

    • Hi Hojar!
      Thank you so much for reaching out. I’m glad you enjoyed my blog. If you ever come to Amsterdam, let me know :). I can show you around :).

  • hi Agnes! I’ve just stumbled upon your blog from a friend’s post on Google+. It’s so lively!! I love your posts about Bali and Jakarta. If you have more time (and budget, so to speak) visiting other areas of Indonesia would be a great adventure for you, both of you :)

  • Wow incredible! I would LOVE to know even one other foreign language, so to speak Polish, British English, Spanish, Catalan, basic German and Chinese…
    I take my hat off to you!
    Your life sounds incredible. My boyfriend and I are starting a new trip around China and a few other places in Asia, and we are counting down the days! Your blog will definitely be helpful to us :)

  • Hi Agnes, I read your post about Galle, Sri Lanka. I was a bit supprised you promote taking elephant rides and photo’s with cobra’s. When tourists pay for things like this, they contribute to the miseralble life of these animals. Snakes ans elephants are not made for entertainment. There are many things for tourists to do, without harming any animals. I hope you can remove it from your site, so less people give money to this horrible industry.

    Thanks, Martje

  • Hi Agnes And Cez!

    I am amazed with all the travels you guys have been!
    I love travelling as well, I love travelling South American Countries and Asia of course!

    Being Filipino expat here in Abu Dhabi, I envy you guys coz you already traveled Northern Part of Philippines which I haven’t done before and wish to do it . But I can only have vacation twice a year, so i see to it that once a year, I travel Philippines to see my family and explore the Islands bit by bit, thoroughly and slowly.

    If you wanna visit Abu Dhabi, lemme know so i can host you here and cut your budget on luxurious hotel accomodation here.. And/or if you want to visit Philippines again sometime, lemme know so I can travel with you.. There’s still a lot that I wanna explore in my own country but just dont have enough time.

  • Hey Agnes!
    I was reading your article about couchsurfing vs sexsurfing and I got a bit scared… I want to travel around the world by myself and I was thinking of doing coushsurfing but I don’t know if it safe.. specially if I am travelling alone… Do you recommend it? Should I do it? Do you have any tips?
    Best regards,

  • Very nice website you have here. Nice and clean. Yes i am a travel person as well. been to over 45 countries so far and i like to share my experiences as well. Hope you are doing well and wish you the best in your next destinations

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