Saint Lucia

Last updated: 26 March 2018
The Caribbean island of Saint Lucia is rich in natural beauty. Here and in the surrounding waters Nature virtually swaggers with pride.

The vibrant coral reefs around the island invite divers and snorkelers to dive with the trumpet fish, frogfish and seahorses, finding thrilling wall dives in the clearest water.

Nearly eighty percent of the island is forested, home to four endemic bird species. Here the forest trails are bordered by ferns and wild flowers. The iconic sharply pointed Piton mountains, volcanic plugs standing more than 740 metres high guard, the bay near the town of Soufrière.

For panoramic views of the island, cross the causeway to the national park on Pigeon Island and climb to the ruins of the British Fort Rodney.

Saint Lucia

Here you will find the world’s only drive in volcano surrounded by sulphur pools. Zipline through the forested mountainside. Take a walk through the twelve-acre botanical gardens and relax in warm thermal pools.

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