Last Updated: 11 December 2017
Portugal on the Iberian Peninsula is one of Europe’s oldest nations. Once one of the biggest sea faring nations of the world, the castles, palaces, cathedrals and monasteries bear testament to the great wealth that once was Portugal’s. Cathedrals with magnificent stained glass windows, opulent palaces and castles with intricately carved details can be found all over the country.

Eighth century stonewalls and castles atop hillsides attest to Moorish occupation and to the Crusades.

Idyllic little fishing villages are scattered up and down Portugal’s long coastline, small colorful boats go out daily to supply the fish loving, lively and gregarious people of the villages.

Everywhere the white washed houses and churches give Portugal an ambiance all of its own. The countryside boasts granite cliffs, waterfalls and lakes, vineyards and olive and cork forests, interspersed with medieval castles and gothic towers.


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Portugal is a member state of the European Union and part of the Schengen area. Check your visa requirements for entering Schengen area with your passport on the offical website.

There are no border crossing controls between Portugal and Spain, its only neighboring country.

In most cases, you will be required, and it’s highly recommended, to have a travel insurance.

Getting in, out, and around
Portugal’s air, sea, rail, and road network is well developed and connected to most major cities nearby and around the world.

Air travel

Most major airlines and low-fare European airlines fly to and from Portugal, and between cities within the country. Go to our guide on how to find the absolute cheapest flight tickets.

Sea travel

Portugal has a long coastal line with several ports. Traveling from and to some destinations may be better on a ferry. Check out if it works better for you here.

Rail travel

With a decent network of railway stations and routes between cities within and outside of Portugal, you can sometimes find yourself to be better off traveling by train. Consider purchasing a Rail Pass, especially if you’d like to travel to other European destinations.

Road travel

If you’re planning to drive in Portugal, in your own car or rented, you need to be aware that some roads require you to pay toll. There will be no toll gates, just the road signs with automatic charges. You should purchase such before traveling to avoid fines. More info on the official website portugaltolls.pt.

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