Last updated: 7 February 2018
Niue, an island in the South Pacific is only 260 square kilometres and has a population of just 1200 people. Whilst this country is fully responsible for its own domestic affairs, New Zealand bears responsibility for its defence and foreign affairs. The capital Alofi is spread along the coast and is made up of two villages. This is the second smallest capital in the world after the capital of Papua New Guinea.

Discovered by Captain Cook, who named the island Savage Island, its current name means “Behold the Coconut”.

The island is a raised coral atoll, one of the largest on earth. The diving and snorkelling in the area are exceptional. Because the island has no rivers that drain into the ocean you can see one hundred metres under water. Here humpbacked whales nurse their young and giant manta rays sail the seas.


The beaches on the island are surrounded by limestone cliffs that form small and private beaches. Above and below water cave systems are some of the most spectacular in the South Pacific.

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