New Caledonia

Last Updated: 24 December 2017
In the fissure between two tectonic plates in the Pacific Ocean New Caledonia is Australia’s largest South Pacific neighbour. Here in the hills the only means of transportation is by horseback.  

In the capital city, Noumea, climb two hundred and sixty-four steps to the top of a light house, that was shipped here from France. The panoramic views of the surrounding countryside are worth the climb. New Caledonia was once a French penal colony and is still a French overseas territory. in the capital, which boasts more than one hundred and fifty restaurants visitors are sure to tantalising French cuisine, and delicious wines.

New Caledonia

New Caledonia has one of the largest Nature reserves on earth, the world’s largest enclosed lagoon and the second largest reef on earth. White sand beaches skirt rugged interiors and are surrounded by dazzling blue seas. The surrounding reefs and the many wrecks that surround her coastline are teeming with life.

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