Last updated: 8 February 2018
Madagascar is a large Island in the Indian Ocean close to the coast of Africa. It is a place with a unique ecosystem and is home to several species of plant and animals found nowhere else on earth. Five percent of all earth’s species can be found on this island.

The landscapes include a desert, several types of forest, sandstone canyons, limestone pinnacles, terraced rice paddies, and five thousand kilometres of coastline. Many of the beaches are paradise on earth with long white powdery sand, washed by the warm Indian Ocean currents and shaded by palms in some places, touched by the tropical rainforests in others.

The island has only been occupied by people for the last two thousand years ago. The architecture of the buildings is unique and beautiful as are the ostentatious tombs. The people of these parts observe cultural ceremonies seen nowhere else on earth.


Although the infrastructure is somewhat lacking, there is plenty to do. Here you can kitesurf, hike, cycle, snorkel and dive.

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