Last updated: 29 November 2017
Landlocked Macedonia, situated just above Greece has a history going back thousands of years, and the Byzantine, Roman and Ottoman remains bear constant witness to this history. The domes and minarets of Mosques, the ruins of a tenth century monastery and picturesque towns with cobbled roads all share a space in this mountainous land.

Cycle or hike through the vineyards. Wine production in Macedonia goes back to the time of Alexander the Great, the king of Macedon, and creator of one of the largest civilisations in the ancient world.

Visit Lake Ohrid, this large and tranquil lake is framed by a mountainous backdrop, and surrounded by five hundred year old Ottoman houses, fortresses, monasteries and cathedrals.


Hike through the forested Mavrovo National Park, home to a rare species of lynx.

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