Last updated: 8 February 2018
Liberia is the oldest African republic and was founded as a means to repatriate the slaves freed by the United States into Africa. Arriving on a steamship, the freed slaves took over the land already occupied by others and declared independence in 1847.

After decades of war, infrastructure in Liberia is limited, the highways are riddled with potholes and most of the roads are dirt or gravel paths. Whilst there are still some shells of buildings left from the war, Liberia has started rebuilding itself, and despite being one of the poorest nations on earth, there are now hotels and restaurants springing up around the country.

Located on the Atlantic coast of Africa, Liberia has a lovely coastline dressed with golden sands and some of the best surf waves, and yet the beaches are deserted.


The Sapo National Park boasts 125 species of animals and 590 bird species. The animals include pygmy hippos, forest elephant pangolins, crocodiles leopards and monkeys.

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