Last updated: 24 December 2017
Riga, the capital of Latvia dates back to1201. In the Old Town cobbled lanes lead to squares that buzz with coffee shops and beer gardens. Get a view of the city from the from the tower of Saint Peter’s Church, built in the fifteenth century and rebuilt in the seventeenth after it collapsed. The tower was once the highest wooden structure in the world.

Riga has a feel of its own. It boasts more than seven hundred and fifty decorative Art Noveau buildings built in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Its bustling fresh produce market is housed in the hangar that once sheltered German zeppelins.


Visit the Museum of Occupation, which immortalises five hundred years of foreign occupation. Get archery lessons in the ruins of a medieval castle. Reach speeds of one hundred and twenty five kilometres when you bobsleigh on a 1200 metre track. Ski cross-country. Visit the unspoilt Baltic coastline or hike on isolated forest trails.

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