Last updated: 8 February 2018
The Republic of Kiribati consists of thirty-three South Pacific reef islands and atolls spread over an area of 3.5 million square kilometres. The waters surrounding the islands are filled with colorful corals and the wrecks of World War Two warships that teem with tropical fish, making this a great dive destination.

The island of Kiritimati is the world’s largest atoll island. It is a sanctuary for millions of sea birds that live there, and home to the largest marine protected area in the world. Kiribati is famous for its fishing. Choose between game fishing for marlin, barracuda and sailfish or wading and fly fishing in the saltwater flats.


The islands have few modern amenities and really are off the beaten track, but visitors can stay in cool grass huts built over the pale blue surrounding waters or further up the beach on the soft white sand.

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