Last updated: 24 December 2017
Guyana on the North Atlantic coast of South America is seldom visited and has a tiny population of less than a million people. Although lacking in infrastructure, Guyana is one of the best destinations on earth for the eco-tourist.

Eighty percent of the country is covered by rain forests rich in wildlife. With over eight hundred bird species Guyana is also home to jaguars, giant anteaters and the biggest freshwater fish in the world. It is also one of the last remaining reserves for otters. Visitors are permitted to swim with them.   

It boasts the largest single drop waterfall on earth. At 741 feet it is twice as high as the Victoria Falls.


The country has a Caribbean temperament. The people play cricket, speak English and listen to calypso music. Colonised in the past by no fewer than three European countries, this land has a diverse set of cultures and cuisines.

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