Last updated: 20 July 2018
Azerbaijan, Land of Fire, so dubbed because the huge underground gas reserves have created hillside fires that have burnt for hundreds of years, attracting the attention of explorers such as Marco Polo.

Old meets new in Baku, the capital city on the Caspian Sea, where gleaming skyscrapers and the lovely, well-preserved Old City share space. The oil rich nation was the first to discover oil, and the money made in the early twentieth century was used to modernise the centre of town, which now boasts an eclectic mix of beautiful architecture.

Visit seaside villages and semi desert areas containing a third of the world’s mud volcanoes or climb the beautiful Caucasus Mountains, filled with rural villages and up market ski resorts. Hike through forests, or the surrounding countryside filled with orchards and vineyards.


Azerbaijan, and mostly its capital city Baku, is a stage for numerous events that are very important to the modern world. From Eurovision content in 2012, through annual Formula 1 Grand Prix, to European Games, there are many reasons to visit. There’s even a plan for Baku to host World Expo in 2025, and that will allow even more visitors to discover Azerbaijan. 

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