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Geocaching in Haarlem, the Netherlands


When in Haarlem, I did Geocaching - a real-world, outdoor treasure hunting game where participants are to use GPS-enabled devices in order to navigate to a specific set of GPS coordinates and then attempt to find the geocache (container) hidden at a certain location.

Scammed in Bagan and How We Could Have Avoided It


We've witnessed few scams in Bagan and unfortunately became victims of one. In this article we will give you details about some popular scams you in Bagan, Myanmar so you can avoid such situations!

5 Ways to Get Free Accommodation When You Travel


Accommodation is generally the biggest expense you'll incur when you travel. Even if you're a budget traveler, staying in hostels or renting places along the way, the cost of having a place to put your head down at night will put a serious dent in your budget. However, there are ways to get your accommodation for free!

Packing Lite for a Weekend Home with Origami Unicorn


Knowing that I struggle with lite packing, I decided to challenge packing with TUO Signature Black travel undergarment organizer that I got from Origami Unicorn. It seemed like a great solution for someone who wants to travel lite like me, so why not test it?

What to Do and See in Gouda City, the Netherlands


Gouda is a typical historic Dutch city located in the province of South Holland. Similarly to Amsterdam, it has pretty canals and breath-taking narrow streets, but it is mostly known for its best cheese and stroopwafles (Dutch syrup waffles). Let's see what you can do and see there.

Italy’s 5 Best Places To Visit That You Probably Have Not Heard About


Top hot spots in Italy are Rome, Milan, Venice followed by Vatican City and Florence. But this country has so much more to offer! It’s filled with hidden gems that not every traveler is aware of. Since summer is approaching slowly, let’s look into some cozy and authentic places that should be kept in mind when planning a summer in Italy.

Guest Post: My Experience Travelling Alone with Anxiety


Today’s post is contributed to Etramping by an awesome travel blogger - Jennifer Cooper of Travelbllgr, who is sharing her story about travelling alone with anxiety.


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