Last updated: 24 December 2017
Yemen has a history and culture that goes back thousands of years. Sana’a, the capital, is two and a half thousand years old and contains six thousand houses built before the eleventh century. Many of the one hundred mosques in Sana’a are ancient, and beautifully adorned. Intricate white patterns highlight the features of many of the buildings lending the city a rare and splendid outlook.

Villages strewn with highly decorative, stone houses are scattered about the countryside. Some date back nine hundred years.

One of the world’s largest sand deserts stretches into Yemen from Saudi Arabia and Oman. Its great white dunes were once covered in water. Today shellfish fossils lie scattered all over the sand. Ruins of temples to the gods of the Sun and the Moon and other ancient relics bear witness to a bygone civilisation.


One of earth’s most isolated continental landforms, Socotra Island is home to more than seven hundred species of plant life found nowhere else on earth. It is a short boat ride from the mainland.

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