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Meet Agness and Cez

As you could probably notice, the majority of travel blogs you visit have pretty obvious names associated, more or less, with travels such as “Vagabond”, “Travels of Name“, “So We Travel”, etc. On the first sight, it seems like eTramping has nothing to do with traveling as the name is not that obvious. Nevertheless, it can’t be further from the truth.

People always ask us “eTramping?”, “How does it relate to travel?”, “How did you come up with such a name?”

Let us explain then properly what we mean by eTramping and how this name relates to our travel style.

Etramping Word Morphology

We don’t really want to bore you with some complicated names associated with the word-formation, so we will keep it as simple as possible. 

The word eTramping consists of three morphemes:

  • prefix “e” which means electronic, internet as we are digital nomads (we go online and share our travel experiences with people),
  • “tramp” which means a person who leaves his/her comfort zone to travel on the cheap (vagabond and adventure hunter) and suffix
  • “ing” emphasizing the continuity of the state of being a tramp. This is also a very active state, like jumping, trekking, doing, etc.
Agness sitting on the stones at the seaside typing on laptop
When internet c@fes are way too expensive…

So, as you can see, eTramping is a pretty cool name for a travel blog. We have always been different from others trying to stand out from the crowd and we are little nerds, we would say ;). We found this name very interesting and unusual.

Being a “Tramp”

“Tramp – a person who travels from place to place on foot in search of work or as a vagrant or beggar”– Oxford Dictionary

We firstly came cross the word “tramp” when watching an inspiring movie called “Into the Wild” directed by Sean Penn. It tells a story of a top law student and athlete Christopher McCandless, who after his graduation abandons his possessions, gives his entire $24,000 savings account to charity and hitchhikes to Alaska to live in the wilderness.

Into the Wild movie poster
“Into the Wild” movie poster

He burns his ID card and passport starting a new life of a vagabond, changing his name to Alexander SuperTramp

Along the way, he encounters a series of characters that shape his life and he became our role model (watch a movie and/or read the book as it’s absolutely worth it).

“If you want to get more out of life, you must lose your inclination for monotonous security and adopt a helter-skelter style of life that will at first appear to you to be crazy. But once you become accustomed to such a life you will see its full meaning and its incredible beauty”– Jon Krakauer “Into the Wild” 

But don’t worry, we are not going to burn our passports (it would be actually quite difficult to travel the World without them) or get rid of all our stuff (we luckily have no possessions to get rid of).

Being “tramps”, in our case, doesn’t mean being homeless with no perspectives. It is about being temporarily homeless with perspectives! (NO BEGGING)

“Our home is where we feel we are warmly and genuinely welcomed and we are respectfully and equally treated with other members of the family, no matter on what continent we are on or what country we travel in”Agness and Cez

Cez with binoculars
We keep looking for more opportunities

The perspective is about realizing our dreams of travel. You will have to leave behind the comforts of the city life (or already have done so).

On the way it is much harder to precisely plan the next day and with limited budged you want to get from one place to another, which is not always the most comfortable.

Agness sleeping on the floor on the train
Cheap doesn’t always mean comfortable. On our way to Beijing, China.

We are talking here about travel full of twists and unknown ahead and all-inclusive holidays have nothing to do with this. Traveling with one-way ticket, backpack and hunger for real experiences, you may sometimes be seen as a tramp.

Own up to this and be proud to be different and open. In return you get freedom to do exactly what you want to do.

cooking, scrambled egg, forest
Cooking in Vietnam

We slowly, but surely travel the World living for less than $25 a day, proving that it’s possible to have a great fun and explore undiscovered places even when you were not born rich. With limited cash, we appreciate the fact we can travel more than ever and focus on interactions with locals instead of looking for a posh hotel or another luxury restaurant.

Tibetan people
Amazingly hospitable Tibetans. We felt like home with them

 “Money Can’t stop us from making Our Dreams Come True

The question arises then “How do we support our travels?” Unfortunately, we were not born in rich families. We are not supported financially by none of our family members. We don’t have possessions either.

Sri Lanka money
We earn money and we spend each $ on our travels

We work very hard to earn each $ to spend on our travels. In each place we travel to, we try to find a job and save some money to travel further and longer. We were teachers in China, web designers in Cambodia and who knows what else we can do. Thanks to traveling we discovered our teaching and photography passions we could easily turn into our source of income. We even found that even this very blog can support our travels. Here’s an online course you can also take to create an Authority Website and earn passive income. We did this course and it works.

Traveling on the cheap doesn’t mean we don’t treat ourselves with some good food or spend a night in a posh hotel.

Work hard, play hard
Work hard, play hard

There is a very simple recipe for cheap travels: walk instead of taxi, hostel instead of hotel, one room instead of two, street food instead of restaurant food and smile instead of being serious all the time.

Cez and a bike on the train to Hong Kong
How to cheaply travel Vietnam? Cycle it! (train from Hong Kong to China, we had to do it)

Check out some tips to improve your selection of accommodation in his trips

Some people save money for years, to go for a lifetime 365-day journey around the World. We don’t. We worry about the lack of cash when we have no cash.

Having no money can’t stop us from traveling. If we feel like we start running out of cash, we make a plan, we go to work, we work hard, we save and we carry on. For us traveling isn’t that addictive, unpredictable and fun when we feel financially secure. We are not steady Eddies any more.

“Don’t settle down and sit in one place. Move around, be nomadic, make each day a new horizon. You are still going to live a long time”Jon Krakauer, Into the Wild

Living abroad and exploring the World in sometimes a wild way has taught us that taking a risk pays off, sooner or later.

If you feel like you have something in common with us, you want to travel on the budget or go wild, go ahead and:

Safe travels!

Agness and Cez


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