What Can You See In Fatima?

Have you heard of Fatima?


Unfotunately, not every has heard of a cozy and small town in Portugal, called Fatima. Located approximately 140 km North from Lisbon, it is mostly famous for its beautiful Sanctuary, visited by millions of pilgrims and tourists from all around the world.

Places to explore in Fatima

Fatima Day 1

Fatima is a wonderful spot not only for religious people, but also for everyone who is looking for a peaceful place to relax, meditate, get closer to the nature or rest. However, it is surrounded by holy places that you can’t miss for historical purposes.

The Sanctuary of Our Lady of Fatima

Fatima Day 2

Built in 1928 | Gives you a brief overview of the history of the town and 3 main characters, Portuguese children named Francisco Marto, Jacinta Marto and Sister Lucia dos Santos | Free entrance | Open 24/7

Casa de Lucia (The house of Lucia)

Fatima Day 11

It is a very small house where Lucia grew up | Saved and minimally renovated over the years | It features various pictures from Lucia’s life | The whole town is still around the house, undisturbed and still residential | Some things here are touchable, but some rooms remain such that you can only walk by and not into the room.

Case de Francisco and Jacinta Marto

It is also a small house where two other children lived | Walking through the home can be emotional to think of how they lived at that time | Very simple and modest | The surrounding area has a lot of nice shops for souvenirs and cafes for sandwiches and drinks


Loca Do Anjo 

Park like surroundings with a beautiful floral fragrance | It is a a beautiful tribute to the Lady of Fatima, the Children and the Stations of the Cross | You could spend hours in meditation and reflection here.


Is Fatima on your bucket list?

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