Western Sahara

Last updated: 8 February 2018
With no permanent streams, Western Sahara is one of the driest and most hostile areas on earth. Occupied by the Spanish until 1974, it remains a disputed territory under the administration of Morocco.

The main industry in Western Sahara is fishing. The country has a beautiful coastline, and at Dakhla, the desert sands meet the cool waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Here the coastal winds attract kite surfers and The Kite Surfing World Championships have taken place here almost every year since 2009. The beaches also attract swimmer, divers and sailing enthusiasts.

Western Sahara

Those brave enough to take on the desert sands can travel by four-wheel drive or camel into the Sahara to spend the night into tented villages or to share and evening meal with the nomads or semi-nomads that wander the lands.

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