Last updated: 4 March 2018
Situated as it is on the Mediterranean Sea, North Africa’s Tunisia is often regarded as a beach destination. With ancient ruins, Saharan sands and splendid cities which boast ancient bustling souks Tunisia has so much more to offer.

Here you will find the remains of Roman cities and also some of the most beautiful Muslim architecture. Tunisia has one of the best preserved Roman amphitheaters anywhere in the world. Complete Roman houses that were built underground to escape the heat still exist today.

The Bardo National Museum in Tunis is second only to the Egyptian Museum in riches. It boasts some of the most significant collections of Roman and Byzantine mosaics.


Wander the streets in the ruins of ancient Carthage, and stroll through an ancient medina in one of several cities. Travel the soft desert landscapes and walk in the stark lunar lands of a salt pan. Visit pristine white villages that dot the coast, and enjoy the seaside views.

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