Trinidad and Tobago

Last updated: 1 April 2018
This dual-island nation in the Caribbean is close to the Venezuelan coastline. In recent years rich oil and gas reserves have made these islands quite wealthy so unlike other Caribbean islands the country is not dependent on tourism for income.

The two islands boast a far greater range of flora and fauna than other Caribbean islands as they were joined to the South American continent until the end of the last Ice Age.

Port of Spain, the capital city, is a bustling metropolis with high rise buildings and plenty of shops and restaurants. This is the birthplace of Calypso, limbo and soca, so expect a song in the air and a swing in your step.

Trinidad and Tobago

On Tobago find white sand beaches, lushly forested mountains, waterfalls and surrounding coral reefs. This is home to over two hundred species of bird. Tobago has some of the best cocoa in the world, so take the opportunity to visit a plantation and see how chocolate is grown and processed.

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