Top 3 Locations in Vienna for Taking the Best Photos

Without a doubt, Austra’s capital city is considered by many as one of the most beautiful and photogenic cities in the world. Foreign visitors are exposed by its impressive architecture, especially the grand palaces and vineyards.

Vienna city
Welcome to magical Vienna.

Photographs are one of the best ways to preserve the meaningful memories of your trip so if you love photography and enjoy taking pictures of historical spots, Vienna is your place! All you need here is your camera and a bike because Vienna is best explored on 2 wheels especially during the summer.

Cycling in Vienna
Cycling in Vienna is the best way to explore the city.

The capital of Austria enjoys a picturesque location on the banks of the majestic Danube River. When you find photographers in your area in Vienna, not only are you ensuring that you’ll have a local’s advice about the city, but also that in years to come you can look back on the best parts of your vacation in clear detail. 

Where to go to take the best shots in Vienna? Read on to find out!

#1 The Hofburg Palace

Many of the top attractions of Vienna are historic palaces and churches that give the city its unique atmosphere. Probably the most famous of all of these is the Hofburg Palace, the official residence of Austrian rulers dating back to 1275. The ornate decorations and stunning architectural design make it one of the best places for photographers in Vienna to get some truly stunning and iconic photos.

administration ancient architecture 672820
The Hofburg Palace

Other places worth including in a vacation photoshoot are the Belvedere Palace, and Vienna City Hall. If you find a photographer from Localgrapher, they can give you tips about the best times of day to visit these top attractions to avoid the big tourist crowds and get the best lighting for your photos. 

vienna 1822138 1920
The breathtaking Belvedere Palace.

#2 Vienna Zoo

Vienna is a popular place among couples for its romantic atmosphere, but it’s also perfectly suited for families, solo travelers, and groups of friends. If you have younger children, the Vienna Zoo is an excellent option, with historic Baroque buildings and a famous exhibition of giant pandas.

zoo 2803891 1920
Capture pandas at the Vienna Zoo.

Prater Park is one of the best recreation areas of the city with rides and attractions such as a giant Ferris wheel and carnival games. Traveling as a couple, you can spend a romantic evening watching a performance at the Vienna State Opera House and enjoy this stunning historical landmark of the city. Professional photographers can help you pick the best sites for a photoshoot depending on what time of year you visit and the occasion of your trip. 

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#3 The Maria-Theresien Platz

Vienna is known for its stylish vibes and unique character. The elegant city squares such as the Maria-Theresien Platz are nice places to go to enjoy the culture of the city, and often the plazas are surrounding by historic buildings and attractions. Make sure you visit some of the famous museums of Vienna, such as the Kunsthistorisches Museum, the Albertina, and the Natural History Museum. It’s also easy to simply spend a pleasant afternoon walking the pedestrian-friendly streets and stopping at local cafés to enjoy coffee and Viennese pastries. 

The Hofburg
The must-visit place in Vienna where you will be surrounded by historic buildings and attractions.

Whether you’re coming for the historic sites or simply wanting to experience Austria in style, Vienna is waiting to welcome you for a vacation you’ll never forget. Regardless of the time of year you visit, there are always plenty of activities to make your vacation memorable, especially if you have a local photographer who can capture the best moments in professional photos.

What’s your favorite spot in Vienna for the best pictures?


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