Last updated: 8 April 2018
Tonga, a group of one hundred and seventy-six Polynesian islands floating on the incandescent, sapphire sea, is simply beautiful. Rimmed by white sand beaches, the interior is covered in tropical forests.

The surrounding waters house magical coral reefs. The overlapping islands and reefs create a sheltered area that is calm as a lake. Tonga is a diver’s paradise, with tropical warm waters colorful fish and humpback whales.

This is the last remaining Polynesian kingdom and it stretches back a thousand years. Here you will find that many of the islands have not been influenced by the twentieth century with several not yet electrified, and many of them uninhabited.


Tongatapu is the main island, where most of the inhabitants live. Here you will find ancient shrines, tombs and moats, as well as modern shops, hotels and restaurants.

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