Last updated: 8 March 2018
Located in the South Pacific the island of Tokelau is a New Zealand territory. Tokelau consists of three coral atolls, all of which make up a land area of just ten square kilometres.

These islands are extremely remote and the journey to get there must be carefully planned. The only access to the islands is a twenty-four-boat ride from Samoa, its nearest neighbour. The same boat is the only connection between the islands where distances take as much as nine hours to travel. It takes between seven and nine days to complete the round trip. While there is a hotel on Tokelau, there are no large shops or restaurants, you can fish or collect coconuts or swim and snorkel in the warm tropical waters of the surrounding lagoons.


If you crave a restful holiday amongst friendly and curious people this is the place for you, but if you seek constant stimulation you may find the lengthy travel and stay more than you can bear.

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