Last updated: 15 March 2018
Togo has only 56km of Atlantic coastline and yet this small African country is best known for its palm-fringed, white beaches, but Togo has so much more than just beaches.

On the hillsides of the hinterland cocoa and coffee plantations grow in lush abundance and in the Savannah grasslands lions stalk wild herds of buffalo and antelope. In the marshes and mangroves along the coast hippos and crocodiles cool off in the heat of the day. Nearly seven hundred bird species call this home.

Around half the population of Togo follows voodoo practices and here you can obtain your own personal charm from the Fetish Market in the small but lively capital city Lomé, Here the Grande Marche street market features west African jewellery, masks and pottery amongst the colorful trade in everyday goods.


Travel in Togo is easy since the infrastructure is good and the distances short.

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