Last Updated: 4 November 201
Sharing the Himalayas with Nepal, Tibet is situated on the highest plateau on earth, which is why it is known as the “Roof of the World”. Home to a unique society whose faith, art and architecture make it stand out, Tibet is full of monasteries, most of which are occupied by monks. The architecture in Tibet appears to hale from times past. Many homes are built of stone and surround large inner courtyards. In this country of sparkling lakes and snow-capped mountains, people live much as they have done for centuries.

Many Buddhist monasteries serve as places of pilgrimage. They are decorated with colorful prayer flags, gilt statues and artworks that date back to prehistory. The temples are filled with colorful sacred paintings.


In recent years Chinese cultural influence has become more apparent. The Chinese have made possible the construction of large modern buildings, and evening markets have become a way of life.

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