The Dominican Republic

Last Updated: 24 December 2017
The Dominican Republic shares an island in the Caribbean with Haiti. It is surrounded and defined by its beautiful coastline, home to humpbacked whales and tropical fish. Large portions of the sandy white beaches are heavily shaded by palm trees and in other areas, dark cliffs drop into the clear blue waters of the Caribbean.

This country has an interior more diverse than most other islands, with a desert and the tallest mountain peaks in the Caribbean. The mountains support lush tropical forests. Here enormous limestone caves containing hundreds of paintings left by ancient indigenous people, hide cool and tranquil pools of water.

Dominican Republic

The capital, Santo Domingo, is the oldest colonial city in the new world. Here cobbled streets and modern highways are lined by old colonial mansions, brightly colored modern homes and modern retail outlets. The city boasts the oldest cathedral in the Americas built between 1512 and 1540, and it boasts the final resting place of Christopher Columbus.

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