Last updated: 27 February 2018
Thailand is known for its outstanding cliff hung shoreline where bright, blue water laps at pristine white beaches. Inland the lush landscapes are full of traditional farming villages and fishing communities that live as they have done for centuries. Tropical forests and rice paddies, vie with hot springs and waterfalls in defining the natural splendour of the land. The bustling towns, chaotic with traffic, have plenty of entertainment on offer.

Amongst this natural splendour visitors will find some of the most remarkable architectural masterpieces on earth, temple complexes of enormous intricate design. Most temples in Thailand are dedicated to Buddha but there are also Hindu temples that hale back as far as the eleventh century.


Eat some of the world’s best cuisine, travel the waterways by boat, white water raft, dive in the crystal clear waters, swim with whale sharks or kite board, all at one of the least expensive destinations on earth.

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