Last updated: 24 December 2017
Suriname is on the north east coast of South America. Ninety percent of this former Dutch colony is covered by primeval rain forest.

The capital, Paramaribo, on the banks of the Suriname River boasts large grassy areas surrounded by black and white Dutch style houses. Fort Zeelandia, Independence Square and the Presidential Palace all line the pretty waterfront

Find the ruins of ancient synagogues at Jodensavanne, settled by Jewish refugees fleeing the Spanish inquisition in the seventeenth century.


Climb the unusual Tafelberg Mountain, to view the lush forest from its flat top. In the Galibi Nature Reserve leatherback turtles climb the beach to lay eggs between February and August. Visit Amerindian villages to purchase colorful handicrafts in their markets, or hike through the unspoilt forest and enjoy what nature has on offer.

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