Last updated: 22 February 2018
Some parts of Sudan are off-limits due to conflict, but there are many treasures waiting to be found in Sudan, and very few tourists that go there.

Scattered through the golden dunes of the beautiful Nubian desert are temples, Nubian pyramids and ancient cities. Meroe was once the capital of the Kingdom of Kush and here in the desert sands, more than two hundred steep black pyramids serve as crypts to royalty.  The pyramids here are smaller than Egyptian pyramids but you can go right in.

The Nubian Desert stretches right across the country from the Red Sea. The Red Sea is known for its stunning coral gardens and vibrant marine life, and in Sudan the beaches are uncrowded.


Shop at the souk in Khartoum at the confluence of the Blue and White Nile. Here modern skyscrapers share space with classical mosques.

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