Stunning Yangshuo River in Photos

There is a place on our list where we often go to when feeling depressed, tired of busy city life and/or bored with daily routine. This place makes us feel alive.

Yangshuo river, China
Yangshuo river

My place is Yangshuo river located nearby Guilin and it is located in China’s most picturesque region – Guangxi Province. It’s my little fairytale place and hidden gem where I can just relax on the boat, where I can mediate, be on my won, think of life and clear my mind.

Yangshuo river
Yangshuo river

Although Guilin is one of the most famous travel destinations in this part of China, it is not overcrowded with tourists like Beijing or Shanghai. It’s actually one of the most peaceful places in the Land of Dragons.

Boat man in Guilin
A local boatman

There is nothing better than taking a boat and going for a nice ride across the river admiring the beautiful floating mountains and bird flying high.

A girl on the boat Yangshuo river
Me on the boat
Birds flying high above the mountains, Yangshuo river
Birds flying between the mountains

Yangshuo river  is undoubtedly one of China’s greatest areas of natural beauty with stunning karst mountain peaks along the banks of the Li River – the views are just magnificent.

Yangshuo scenery
Yangshuo scenery
Yangshuo scenery
Boats all over the river

Yangshuo River, makes it the most desirable place to visit (right after the Great Wall of China in Beijing) by foreign travelers. It surprises its visitors with stunning scenery of mountains, caves, lakes and river as well as rice terraces.

A chinese girl is trying to catch a boat in Yangshuo
Amy – our Chinese friend is trying to catch a boat
Boats at yangshuo river
More boats

There is a very popular Chinese saying “Guilin’s mountain and water scenery is the best under heaven” and this is so true!

Yangshuo boats
Colorful boats at the bank of the river

If you get hungry, you can indulge in some local delicacies – snake meat or snails in beer. Snails taste surprisingly well with the texture close to minced beef. Probably, the biggest issue people have with them, is that they are served in shells. It also makes it very hard to eat – especially to those who try it for the first time.

IMG 0924

It sounds scary for most to eat a snake, but it’s actually very delicious! It tastes like a very good fish. I must admit that I will eat a snake every time it’s offered to me, and I wish it gets a bigger popularity in the West, so that I can have it when I go back home.

Snails cooked in beer
Fish cooked in beer

If these photos do not convince you to travel to Guilin, how about checking out our post on how to explore Guilin for less than $25?

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Would you add Yangshuo river to your travel bucket list?


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