Solomon Islands

Last Updated: 24 December 2017
The Solomon Islands consists of nine hundred and ninety-two islands but only one hundred and forty-seven of them are inhabited. This part of the world was the scene of some of the worst battles of World War Two and one of the bloodiest battles took place in and around the capital Honiara. Many relics of the war still remain and there are regular tours to the battle fields and to the memorials of those who lost their lives

Other remnants of the battle lie undersea where fifty aircraft and shipwrecks pepper the surrounding waters. Many are easily accessible and have become popular dive sites. The capital Honiara lacks infrastructure, but the people are renowned for their artwork and culture, and an open-air art gallery invites visitors to chat to the artists and purchase their wares.

Solomon Islands

In the forests outside of the town picturesque stilted village houses crouch over tranquil waters.

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