Snapshots of Oslo

My last trip to Oslo turned out to be very disappointing (met unpleasant Norwegians, the high prices scared me off, had no appetite for local food and the freezing weather made me feel so depressed). However, I still tried my best to enjoy the scenery of Oslo and stay positive. Here are some of my favourite snapshots of the city.

A smiling girl in Oslo
Lovely Megan Starr. She is a girl from America, who showed me around the city and invited for a Norwegian dinner!
Oslo City Center
Oslo City Center in Winter
Christmas market in Oslo
Christmas market
Nobel Peace Center in Oslo
Nobel Peace Center
Nobel Peace Center in Oslo
Lech Wałęsa Nobel Peace Center
Nobel Peace Center in Oslo
Nobel Peace Center
Nobel Peace Center in Oslo
Dalai Lama in Nobel Peace Center
Sinnataggen, Vigelandsparken in Oslo
Sinnataggen, Vigelandsparken
Sinnataggen, Vigelandsparken in Oslo
Sinnataggen, Vigelandsparken
Sinnataggen, Vigelandsparken in Oslo
Sinnataggen, Vigelandsparken
Norway castle
Christmas Market in Oslo
Oslo shops
Boats in Oslo
Boats in Oslo
Boats in Oslo
Christmas tree in Oslo
A boat in Oslo
Oslo scenery
the castle in Oslo
Beautiful building in Oslo
Oslo city center
A cute haski dog

If you have ever visited Oslo, do you recognize some of these places?

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Agness Walewinder
Agness Walewinder
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38 thoughts on “Snapshots of Oslo”

  1. Avatar of Cassandra

    Brr, it looks chilly! If you guys kept your jackets on inside the museum, it must have been cold.

    I recognize the Gustav Vigeland statues from a rip to Oslo a few years ago! My friend and I had a great time checking out the park and all of the open-air art. If you ever make it back to Oslo I recommend the Norsk Folkemuseum which was a highlight of our visit.

  2. Avatar of Erik

    You can forgive the Norwegians a little for being unfriendly. It’s a beautiful city but it has to be hard living there during the long, cold, dark winter.

    Great photos as always!

  3. Avatar of Nick Rutten

    Great pictures Agness!

    I’d love to see some snow, we haven’t seen anything remotely winterlike in almost a year :)

    It’s too bad Oslo is so expensive, but I’d still like to visit it someday. And I want that dog that’s in one of your pictures!

      1. Avatar of Nick Rutten

        I’d love to visit Poland some time, the only Eastern European countries I’ve seen are Bratislava and Tsjech, with a short stop in Budapest along the way.

      2. Avatar of Agness

        We are more than welcome Nick! I have not been to Bratislava or Tsjech so looks like I need to catch up soon!

  4. Avatar of Caitlyn

    Lovely pics! I was supposed to visit Oslo on my first European trip but decided against it as nearby Sweden was proving just too expensive – I headed for the Baltics instead!

    1. Avatar of Agness

      That’s the Glass Boat at Opera House. You can take a boat cruise and see the city from the water ;-), but I haven’t done it.

  5. Avatar of Travel with Pedro

    Hi Agness, sorry to hear your trip wasn’t good. It’s a pain when that happens. Looking your pictures I got so jealous, I was there in the end of summer but lost almost all pictures on another trip, when my laptop was stolen. I agree with you, the city is painfully expensive, but I find it very cute.

  6. Avatar of Koren @ City Gal

    Sorry to hear your last trip was disappointing. I have always wanted to visit Oslo for some reason. I really love the idea of being so far north and have been kind of obsessed with the Nordic countries since visiting Iceland. There is so much beauty in the colder landscapes, which has been captured so well in these photos!

    1. Avatar of Agness

      I have just picked up the wrong season for Norway and the stayed way too long in the capital but it was too cold to go climbing the mountains though.

  7. Avatar of Mary {The World Is A Book}

    I’ve never visited Oslo and I’m not sure I’d brave the winters there. Your pictures though make it look like inviting. I’ve heard quite a bit about
    Vigelandsparken and would love to see it. Sorry your stay was disappointing. Great photo collection, Agness!

  8. Avatar of jill

    Great pics! Sorry about the bad time you had. Maybe it’s the winter. It can be hard to be cheerful when it’s so cold and blue outside.

    1. Avatar of Agness

      Norwegian cuisine is mainly based on seafood and fatty meat. Here are some random names of typical Norwegian dishes: Reinsdyrsteik (reindeer roast), Pinnekjøtt with swede purée and potatoes or for example Kanelgifler pastry.

  9. Avatar of Ota

    Great blog! Thanks Agness.

    I bumped into your “Dating? No thanks!” type of CS blog entry. Loved it. Precisely what I believe in – still – even 68 countries later… :-)


    1. Avatar of Agness Walewinder
      Agness Walewinder

      Hey Ota, cheers! I’m this kind of a traveler, always turn guys down, SORRY!! Good luck with your travels. 68 countries? Impressive!

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