Sharing Our Travel Passion through Pepo App

Choosing the Right Travel App

With the whirlwind of apps available these days, choosing the right ones can be difficult. Of course, there is the essentially standard basic suite like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and so on, but finding something more tailored to your individual interests, traveling in our case, can be really difficult – trust us! Since Agness has stopped using social media for the entire 2017, it was even harder for us to share together our travel stories and tips with other travel experts and enthusiasts. 

pepo etramping

BUT … we luckily discovered Pepo app at the beginning of this year and we are more than happy to share with you our own experience and opinion about using it. Before you continue reading and (hopefully) checking out the app yourself, we need to warn you! PEPO IS PRETTY ADDICTIVE! We have set up our eTramping channel there after few hours of trying the app and we now can’t stop using it. We have finally found a great place to both discover our travel passion and share it with others. 

Why Pepo? Its Main Features

Let us tell you what features Pepo app has and why it is so addictive, interactive and fun for us to use.

  • You can discover new content through friends, location or what is trending around the world in different places.
  • Spotlight. One of Pepo’s best features. This allows you to record live videos and instantly share them with your audience. You can also ask the channel hosts with a video. Whether it is a two second or two-minute clip, you can prioritise what you record with different lengths of time to highlight something special that is going on at the moment.
pepo app spotlight
  • You can create different channels for different purposes. Want to share an idea with the world? Create a public channel. Likewise, want only a few select followers to hear something special? Then use a private or secret channel.
  • You can use tags to search and browse that content that most interests you.
  • We love different ways to react: text and emoticons to share how you truly feel.
  • We take full control of our posts. As a content creator, you can keep the conversation focused on what matters most.
  • Groups – Find people who share your passions.
  • Q&A – ask and answer questions. Whether you host your own channel or follow others, you can ask them questions directly, which they may publish on their channel. Live Q&A is when the hosts are online right at that time to answer all the questions.
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Ease of Use

Despite being a relatively new app, Pepo features a clean, interface that is simple and easy to use. This has been crucial to us because nothing can be more frustrating than trying to share one of our experiences with you while trying to figure out how to get an app to work correctly.

pepo app channels

After signing up they give plenty of ways of discovering the content that best suits you. You can either search specifically for certain channels you might want to follow or at the top of the main page you can just add tags of the things you are interested in. For example, interested in photography, travel and art? Simply choose those three tags and Pepo will recommend channels that feature these key places.

Endless Content

Our phone habits are now part of our routine and for most people that means sticking to the same four or five apps. As a result, what you see often gets stale. The same style Buzzfeed stories or yet another ridiculous top ten list posted by a Facebook friend. What makes Pepo unique is that it can connect you with a variety of content you might never have come across even if you did a dedicated Google search on the subject. 


With our on the go lifestyles, time can be an important factor. Sometimes, we have a few hours to sit around and do what we like, but more often than not, our phone time is more of a brief respite in- between places, on transportation or while waiting those extra few minutes for a late arriving friend. Pepo content is meant to be brief and digestible. Photos and quick tags are central to it.

pepo app update

No pages of text to have to pour through to get to the main point, just fascinating photos and videos of the things you want to know about or the places you want to go. For example, we have been using it to quickly update our followers about recent blog posts on eTramping. 

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Join the Conversation

One of the greatest changes of the twenty-first century has been the way media consumption has shifted. In the past, it was a one-way conversation that separated the content creator from the audience. Pepo connects the two together to create a seamlessly shared experience between us and you. 

Pepo gives you a variety of ways of engaging a particular post. Want to share how a story made you feel?  Then choose an emoticon that matches your mood. Have something a little more in-depth to say, then post a text comment.

Exclusive Content

Many use the channel feature daily to post about current, past, and future activities, unique tips and other things you cannot find anywhere else. We’ve been actively posting stories and images from our travels on Pepo. Of the most dynamic journeys lately, North Korea trip was fully documented using Pepo and we have stories from it that we have not shared anywhere else. 

pepo app etramping north korea update

It’s More Fun in a Group, Right?

Pepo makes it easy to find people who share your passions. No matter what fascinates you, there is a group you can join to interact in the conversation. Let’s say you are traveling to a new country in a few weeks and have no idea where to go and what to do.

Then there are numerous ways using Pepo that you can find exclusive information that no other site can provide. Just search a place plus your interests and you will find a channel going on about even some of the world’s most unique places.

Travel guides can be cumbersome and long. Pepo gives you the benefit of learning from the experience of others who have been somewhere already in a creative, and to the point fashion. It is a place we have used to not only share our adventures but also to hear about yours. Over the last few months, we have gotten so many ideas about where to go and what to do because of the interactions that we have had Pepo.

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Making Connections

At the end of the day, Pepo exists to connect you with the world you want to discover. It is about digging into the things you already love while also being able to discover something completely new. Not only does it connect you with content, but with creators who you share interests with. Keep up to date with your favourite channels and blogs and directly engage with them.

pepo app review

Finally, Pepo is about linking people together. Think about your favourite foods, music or places to travel. Chances are that you didn’t just discover them by yourself, but that somebody recommended them to you. Pepo connects you with a worldwide group of great suggestions. Pepo has helped us and will help you too to expand your horizons and go beyond just your circle of friends and acquaintances to find your next destination.  

Have you checked Pepo app yet? If so, we would love to hear about your experience!


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