Last updated: 4 March 2018
Seychelles is an archipelago of one hundred and fifteen islands in the Indian Ocean. Here the main attraction is the uncrowded beaches decked with soft white sand, kissed by the sun and wrapped in warm blue water. From place to place granite cliffs drop onto the sands creating secluded coves. The interior is filled with verdant green forest where beautiful and unusual creatures live.

With the exception of pirates that sometimes hid out on the islands, Seychelles was uninhabited until the 1700’s. They are home to a collection of rare birds, plants and animals. This is the only place where the rare Black Parrot can be found, and the Coco de Mer palms, which produce the biggest nuts on earth, are unique to Seychelles.


Ferry between Mahe and the other islands and see the best that each has to offer. Dive in the coral reefs and granite outcrops in the beautifully clear surrounding waters and enjoy the many luxury facilities available on the islands.

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