Saying Goodbye to Asia for 2 Months

Goodbye Asia!

Here I am, at Bangkok International Airport, waiting for my departure to Poland. I know some of you might be surprised by reading this, but it’s now official- I am heading back home for Christmas.

Bangkok International Airport
Bangkok International Airport


I booked my flight right after I had come back from Sri Lanka to Cambodia, about a month ago. At that time, it was the cheapest flight possible (Bangkok-Moscow, Moscow-Warsaw return for $1031).

Why home? Why now?

It has been 2 years since I was home last time, so I felt like I needed to spend more time with my family this year before I start exploring South America and the rest of Asia next year. For some reason, being in Sri Lanka made me realize how much I had been missing my family, friends and my dog :-).

The last Christmas I spent in Poland was in 2008. I should feel guilty for not going home at least twice a year either for Easter or Christmas, but I was too busy traveling, working and blogging. This year I promised myself to do my best to head back home and I did it.

It’s going to be a surprise for everyone as I didn’t tell anyone that I was coming. My mom will be blown away when she sees me and I can’t wait to see her face. That will be probably one of the most exciting and unpredictable things I have even done in my life.

My plans for two months

Obviously I am not going to spend the whole two months in Poland only. With my desire to travel and a hunger to explore the world I am afraid it’s impossible. Here are the places and things I am planning to do from November 11th 2012 to January 3rd 2013:

  • Explore the capital of Poland- Warsaw
  • Visit major cities in Poland such as Cracow, Wroclaw, Gdansk and Zakopane
  • Spend a weekend in Prague (Czech Republic) and a few days in Berlin (Germany)
  • Go skiing in Switzerland
  • Visit Amsterdam

Bangkok International Airport

How about Cez?

Cez is staying in Asia. He is now back in Cambodia applying for his Chinese visa in Phnom Penh. Once he gets it, he takes his bike from Siem Reap and go to China through Laos. We are meeting together in January 2013 to carry on our travels. I am missing him already!

Agness and Cez at the airport
Last photo with Cez before my departure


Things I will miss

  • Pad Thai – I could eat it all day long and I couldn’t get enough of it, plus I love eating fruits. The prices of fruits in Poland are very high so I will need to reduce eating them
  • Tropical fruits and fresh shakes
  • Sun – after visiting hot Koh Phangan Island and getting a proper tan I can’t imagine my stay in foggy, snowy and freezing cold Poland
  • Locals – I love the way Thai and Cambodian people smiled to me and I will miss their happy faces.
Look at Cez, he looks pretty happy I am leaving


Things I can’t wait for:

  • Polish dumplings (pierogi) and other traditional Polish dishes – I bet my mom will treat me with a nice and decent food
  • Seeing my sister and my niece and the rest of the family in person not through the camera on Skype
  • Hanging out with my school colleagues and friends I spent my childhood with
  • Fixed prices – no more haggling
Bangkok Moscow
Already on the plane


So… Poland get ready!

Asia wait for me!

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  • You certainly were jumping for joy there in the airport! 2 years away from home and I can understand your excitement. I hope your time at home is everything you want it to be.

    Also enjoy your travels in Europe. Prague is one of my favourite cities, even if it is cold in the winter, still fabulous.

    • Yes, I was jumping for joy and excitement ;-)! 2 years is a long time, but I’m finally home catching up with my friends and family. I’m heading to Prague next week. Been there before when I was a kid, but I don’t remember much;-). Thank you for your comment.

    • Thanks Daniel. I’m actually fine with the cold ;-) and it’s not that cold, but I can’t wait to get back to Thailand to be honest.

    • Thanks! That’s awesome. There is nothing better than having a great time with your family and Christmas is a good excuse to have a break from travelling. You enjoy yourself at home as well!

    • Thank you Sarah. Feels great when someone cooks for you and keeps asking you “Are you hungry?” ;-) It’s great to spend Christmas with the love ones.

    • Thank you Mary! I was jumping like crazy and all people were looking at me like I was mad or something. I’ll have a great time and can’t wait to go skiing :)

  • Poland… Warsaw… good times. Good luck with going home, I’ve been debating whether I should head back to Canada for Christmas or continue on to Myanmar, etc. Every time I go home I find it harder and harder to leave, maybe one day I’ll just stay.

    • Thanks Steve for your comment. Warsaw has been amazing, but very cold. I did some proper sightseeing and it felt good to be back home. Going home is always difficult. I was hesitation whether I should go back home for Christmas or just carry on travelling in Laos. I chose home and it’s been a great decision so far. Have a break and go to Canada! You won’t regret it :-)

  • I’m going home for Christmas too after 15 months on the road – it’s going to be so good to catch-up with friends and family. I’m actually looking forward to pierogies too! There isn’t way too much in the way of traditional Canadian cuisine, but I have missed the variety of amazing international food available in Toronto, including pierogies – I adore them! Enjoy the holidays!

    • Thanks Jess. You also have a great time back home. 15 months is a long time so I bet you are missing everyone. Once you get home, you will miss travels though. I’ve been in Poland for nearly 5 days and I’m already missing my travel adventures!! :-) Roll on Christmas and then back in Asia!

    • Thank you Marisol. I will be uploading some photos from my first destination in Poland- the capital city Warsaw. I hope you are having a wonderful time travelling ;-) Poland is beautiful and I hope I will show it though the photos and blog notes.

  • Good for you, Agness! I’m actually going home for Christmas and I’ve only been away for a few weeks, haha. Have fun catching up with your family and eating pierogis, and if you want to meet up for a weekend somewhere in Europe that would be fun! :)

    • Of course, I would love to see you somewhere in Europe. I’m going to Prague next week, then Berlin and Zurich. Will keep you posted :-).

  • Always good to get home! I always tell people that Poland had the best food of any country I traveled to. Amsterdam’s a great city, hope you have fun there!

    • Thanks Eric. I enjoy Polish food so much that I’ve already put on weight ;-) and there are still 6 weeks to go ;-) I’ve heard Amsterdam’s great, can’t wait to go there.

  • Nice ecstatic jumping photos at the airport! “Look at Cez, he looks pretty happy I am leaving” image Cez priceless smile haha hilarious Agness!!!

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