Saudi Arabia

Last updated: 8 December 2017
Saudi Arabia covers most of the Arabian Peninsula and is bounded by the Persian Gulf and Red Sea. It is an ancient land rich in history, the remains of which have delighted visitors for centuries. Visit the splendid ancient tombs of civilisations past, or a village of mud brick huts, colorfully painted and located above the clouds.

Descend into the alien phosphate crystal base of a volcanic crater or discover the largest date farmland in the world. It contains eight million palm trees.

The mosque in Mecca is the largest in the world covering more than eighty-eight acres, it can accommodate four million people. This is the destination of the millions of Muslims who make the annual hajj to Mecca.

Saudi Arabia

Take a ferry to the Farasan Islands, made of raised coral reefs, these eighty-four islands boast white beaches touched by water of brilliant blue. The waters are full of colorful marine life and the skies are full of birds.

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