San Marino

Last updated: 24 December 2017
Situated in the centre of Italy, San Marino, covering just over sixty square kilometres of land is Europe’s third smallest country. Saint Marinus established this, the oldest constitutional republic in the world, in the third century as he sought to escape religious persecution.

Three stone towers built in the eleventh, twelfth and fourteenth centuries as defensive measures top Mount Titano, which dominates the countryside. The pretty chequered landscape below the peaks support farmlands.

The capital, the ancient city of San Marino, is dominated by Liberty Square, sporting its own Statue of Liberty, and flanked by the town hall. Here the ceremony of Changing of the Guards takes place several times a day.

San Marino

Visit the museums of ancient curiosities and antique weapons. View the priceless art on display in the art museums. Partake in some tax-free shopping, or take a cable car up the mountain to appreciate the views and visit the towers.

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