Last updated: 4 March 2018
A group of ten enchanting tropical islands in the South Pacific make up the country of Samoa. Here the weather is warm and balmy throughout the year and the lifestyle is slow and laidback. With magnificent waterfalls, tranquil pools, jungled mountain ravines, the beaches fringed by jungle and date palms are long and white and the sea so shallow that the water is clear and faded blue. Little wonder that Treasure Island author Robert Louis Stephenson made this his home.

The surrounding waters are alive with nine hundred species of fish, turtles, reef sharks and rays. Here you can snorkel or dive go rock diving, boating, hike through the forests, along a crater or in lava fields, swim with green turtles or play a round of golf right next to the ocean. This is prime surfing destination and the game fishing is also great.


There are no luxury beach resorts here. Humble beach huts constructed on the soft powdery sand serve as accommodation.

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