Saint Helena

Last updated: 2 March 2018
These islands, a British overseas territory in the South Pacific, are separated by hundreds of kilometres of ocean.

Uninhabited when it was discovered by the Portuguese, Saint Helena has an abundance of natural unspoilt beauty and around five hundred endemic species. Here you can swim with whale sharks or and explore historic wrecks.  Famed as the isolated island that was Napoleon’s last home, his grave and the houses that he occupied are of historic interest.

Ascension is a dormant volcano surrounded by what is to become one of the biggest marine reserves in the world. The island was barren of vegetation until 1850 when a British botanist imported trees that eventually formed a cloud forest and now the island attracts tourists that hike and climb in one of the few large scales planned forests on earth.

Saint Helena

Tristan da Cunha can only be accessed by cargo ship and then it doesn’t dock, so getting to the island is difficult. The rugged landscape, the isolation and the old school hospitality make this a destination with a difference.

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