Puerto Rico

Last updated: 1 April 2018
This US territory is one of the Caribbean’s top destinations.

Here culture and cuisine blend Spanish, Indian and African influences into a colorful and tasteful fusion, and modern amenities like world class hotels and restaurants share space with remnants of the Colonial past.

More than five hundred years old the capital, San Juan, has lovely cobble stoned streets that are lined by colorful Spanish colonial architecture. Hundreds of these homes have been restored to their former glory.

Puerto Rico’s lovely palm lined beaches and warm tropical waters are one of its biggest drawcards. Here you can find beaches where calm, clear waters lap the golden sands and others where waves crash upon the shore. Just beyond the waves you can drift dive off the steep sloped reefs.

Puerto Rico

The interior of the island consists of forested mountains.  The island has 268 acres of caves, several nearby islands and a scattering of quaint villages.

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